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Knights of Zakuul - Now Invite-Only


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Previously I have warned players of the server about the constant harassment I and my other Knights get from people that have a rather annoying ambition to be a Knight.
Since then it has gotten worse, not just from people thinking that they are funny in pming us, but even those that genuinely want a place in the reg.
"I know you don't like people asking but can i be in knights plz?"
So you know what? Those that kept asking have officially ruined it for the rest of you.
From this point on while the Knights are under my command, there will be no globalized  tryouts for anyone.

If you really want to get in, here is what you must do.
1. Be on the server with enough time to realise how everything works, from RP to weapon mechanics and most importantly familiarity with all rules (This is called experience)
2. Earn a large amount of recognition from your higher ups, Your commander(s), the Generals, The sith. If they vouch for you and have enough good things to say, We'll consider you
3. You must be aware of what kind of initiative is expected of you. This means maintain skills and/or improving said skills, Mainly to do with RP (including passive), combat and maneuverability.
4. (and I cannot stress this enough) Your ego - GONE!

If there are any further PM's directed at me or any of my Knights about getting in Will be instantly ignored or told straight up they won't be getting in for asking.
If there are any staff members that find this to be problematic or contradictory in anyway, Speak to me directly. 

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