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:empire:       Welcome to Jacob's Gallery 

DISCLAIMER: Each photo may have a player in it, this means I will name the player (By Nickname, not rank) for people to check out! We also have names for the photos in case people ask.                          


A random picture of Sito.                               Lionhart saving lives!                                                                                                                                    Max with the best PAC3



Animation for a Commander Stormtrooper  DISCLAIMER: This was before I knew they were blacklisted.

20190111134815_1.thumb.jpg.e077e04d23916282abe38c62c5079aa8.jpg                                                                       :empire:  More photos will be on everyday!

             Engineer has minds too ya know!   (Me)                    Lime with his welcome back photo!                                                                  Me and Chris playing around on the bridge before SRP




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