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Clone Wars RP | Server Rules & Guidelines

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Clone Wars RP | Server Rules & Guidelines

General Rules:

  1. Serious RP at all times.

  2. No minging.

  3. No FailRP (Fail Roleplay).

  4. No RDM (Random Deathmatch) outside of roleplay.

  5. No breaking NLR (New Life Rule) within reason.

  6. No RDA (Random Arrest).

  7. No micspamming.

  8. No metagaming (using information from OOC (Out Of Character) sources to influence roleplay).

  9. No racism.

  10. No bullying/harassment. This includes player, staff and regiment disrespect.

  11. No inappropriate or provocative names.

  12. No lore character names unless approved by Senior Admin+.

  13. No impersonating other members of the community.

  14. No advertising other Garry’s Mod communities on any platform (server, forums, Teamspeak, DIscord, Steam Group).

  15. In all cases, AOS (Arrest On Sight) should be used over KOS (Kill On Sight) unless Republic High Command or high-ranking Jedi.

  16. Blaster-wielders (troopers) are NOT to shoot saber-wielders (Sith & Jedi) unless they are directly attacked or allowed to by an Event Master. If a saber-wielder engages another saber-wielder, all blaster-wielders are to disengage. Same with saber wielders engaging event troopers.

  17. No camping Event character spawns (sitting by their spawn point and mercilessly and constantly killing them).

  18. You must follow all rules and restrictions listed on in-game noticeboards, even if they are not posted on this thread. These laws and legislation may change at any time.

  19. Use common sense. Do as your character should do in the RP situation.

  20. No using Alt Accounts, If caught using an Alt Account you will receive a Permaban on the Alt Account.

  21. If Caught using an Alt to avoid a Ban, both accounts will receive a Permaban.

  22. You must wait 3 days before joining another regiment unless approved by management.

  23. Do not spam OOC otherwise, you will be warned.

Security / RIA Rules:

  1. No RDA (Random Arrest).

  2. No tasing Event characters unless approved by the hosting Event Master.

  3. No abusing tasers (Only to be used during arrest or capture).

  4. After detaining a prisoner in a cell, you must list correct RFA (Reason For Arrest) codes in comms to validate their arrest. If this does not happen, the prisoner can legally be let free through OOC or RP means.

  5. You have the right to ask anyone to show their keycard but if you wish to search or pat down somebody, you must have a valid reason to do so.

  6. You may not interrogate anybody not accused of a crime or wrongdoing. All players are innocent until proven guilty.

  7. You may interrogate a player if they are a suspect of a crime or wrongdoing.

  8. All Event characters may be interrogated unless disapproved by the hosting Event Master.

  9. You can only arrest people for 30 mins MAX.

Flying / Piloting Rules:

  1. No ship ramming (flying into players or other ships).

  2. Do not enter a vehicle unless approved by high-ranking officials or members of staff.

  3. Do not climb or jump onto ships without a valid reason.

  4. You may not shoot at vehicles without the approval of an Event Master unless it is during an active combat situation.

  5. Only Officer Cadets and above can obtain a Pilot’s Licence. If a trooper who holds a Pilot’s Licence is demoted below Officer Cadet, their licence is no longer valid.

Jedi Rules:

  1. Do not use Force powers (Lightning, Combust, Choke) you have not learnt within roleplay.

  2. You may not abuse any Force powers. If you are caught abusing your powers, you will have your knowledge of them revoked and you will have to learn the power again.

  3. Igniting your lightsaber is considered a discharge of your weapon and you can be arrested.

  4. No Force choking in events unless approved by the hosting Event Master.

  5. Remain close to the troopers when advancing unless pursuing an enemy saber-wielder.

  6. Jedi must have a valid reason to enter certain areas (Bridge, Brig, offices, etc)

  7. Jedi are not to be force leaping down low roof corridors.

Regiment Rules:

  1. Do not mass promote members in your regiment (promoting at excessive rates/speed) unless approved by high-ranking officials AND members of staff.

  2. Do not bully or put down other regiments (regimental disrespect). Doing so will result in you and your regiment being set to recruit.

  3. To be promoted to Sergeant, a Corporal must take a written, Regional Government-certified Google Forms test with members of the RHC or an approved member.

  4. To be promoted to Second Lieutenant, a Warrant Officer I must take a written, Regional Government-certified test with members of the RHC or an approved member.

  5. Sergeants and above must assist in training recruits. Failure to upkeep the training of recruits will lead to a demotion and must retake their written test.

  6. Jetpack users must not abuse their jetpack, it is a privilege that can be easily taken away.

  7. Only security regiments [MP] are allowed to have their weapon on DEFCON 5 unless approved by a higher rank in roleplay with a valid reason.

  8. If you a military trooper, you must salute all superiors, including Jedi superiors. If you are Navy/RI, you must salute high ranking members of the military, Navy and RI and salute to high-ranking Jedi.

Media Player / Mess Hall Rules:

  1. Do not post videos that are over 15 minutes in length.

  2. Roleplay is still semi-active when watching the Media Player and within the Mess Hall. The Mess Hall is NOT an OOC zone unless approved by a member of staff.

  3. No explicit content. This includes racist, provocative, confronting or pornographic content.

PAC3 Rules:

Refer to the PAC3 rules megathread:



Tryout / Training Rules:

Refer to the Commanding Officer Handbook:


Permakill Rules:

  1. Perma-kills may only be approved by Senior Admin+.

  2. When you have been permakilled, you are bound by the rules that you are set by the Senior Admin+ that approved your permakill.

  3. Character death or departure solely through the use of a name change is permitted within reason. Your character must have a notable/rememberable death or departure for this to be approved. This is not the same as a permakill.


Other Server Rules & Guidelines:





Important Abbreviations/Acronyms


  • AOS = arrest on sight

  • KOS = kill on sight

  • RDM = random deathmatch

  • RDA = random arrest

  • NLR = new life rule

  • PAC3 = Player Appearance Customiser

Player/Situation Status

  • RP = roleplay

  • OOC = out of character

  • COMMS - communications

  • AFK = away from keyboard

  • ASAP = as soon as possible

  • KIA = killed in action

  • MIA = missing in action

  • PK = player/permanent kill

  • EM = Event Master

  • DEFCON = Defence Readiness Condition

  • SITREP = situation report


  • RHC = Republic High Command

  • CL = clearance level

  • PL = Pilot’s Licence

  • CO = Commanding Officer

  • 2IC = Second in Command


  • MH = Main Hangar

  • DB = Debrief Area

  • VCSD = Venator Class Star Destroyer

  • JT = Jedi Temple

  • HQ = headquarters

  • LZ = landing zone

  • FOB = forward operating base


  • N = north

  • S = south

  • E = east

  • W = west

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