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Dear Members of the Community, Who or what is Project R?   The title says it all doesn’t it? And instead of going on and on for paragraphs I will make it easier on you and get down to bu

Project Republic??? More like...   Thank you Management Team, very cool.

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First off I would like to say a big WOWEE to the media team, what an amazing trailer that was really builds up the hype well.


secondly I would like to say I think this is a great idea for the community to branch out and create a republic server as it allows for users to experience a high quality server from both sides of the Star Wars experience and will allow for stuff such as an expanded player base (hopefully a thriving CWRP community aswell as the amazing IRP community we already have) aswell as more opportunities for players to help out the server (presumably some staff/EM’s will transfer to CWRP meaning more staff for the current server and CWRP will be needed, assuming all goes well with both servers) and many other exciting opportunities I’m sure are to be install for the future. I wish the server goodluck with this enormous period in its history and hope that we will soon see two thriving server communities coming together under the 1 name. Big shoutout to the staff team who I have seen work tirelessly through all hours of the night on this mysterious project.


i look forward to IG’s future, May the odds be ever in our favour (cheesy ik but I watched hunger games again today and though why not throw the line in there).




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People will not be able to transfer ranks over as clone wars are structured differently on the server we have created, these questions will all be answered by either a bigger post or a video showing the server and brigades.  We also want to make it fair on new players that come for the clone wars, as the RP is different for Imperial and clone wars.

Basically, any questions can be asked to whitey over TeamSpeak so you can get a full explanation.

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