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Dead By Daylight Tournament!


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Hello everyone. So I'm doing a Dead By Daylight Tournament.



How to join- Message on this post and I'll add you to a list and if you and 3 others have a team it's all sorted. If you don't have a team I will put you with one.

Way to Win- If at least 2-4 players survive the match they will receive the rewards below. If only 1 survivor wins a reward will be arranged, let it be known a reward will be given to THE LAST WINNERS, so you must be the last remaining group out of all who join the Tournament.

Reward- Ummmm didn't think about this part...... I will give all the players who are on the winning team a thorough compliment, I will give the winning players who survived 2200 Credits. (220 pretty chips) And the MVP player a Steam item worth 0.07 cents... Before any are too judge these rewards... I say this, IM POOR

Conditions- So These games will be held as a 'Kill your friends' game so its custom and in saying that any and all offerings, perks, and items are all for the taking but the same goes for the killers (The killer, If anyone wants to be a killer you can and still be a survivor just come talk to me about being a killer) The killer will pick 2-3 optional Killers and the team will have the obligation to chose the killer out of a select 2-3. (Btw I'm totally ok being the only Killer hehe) Lastly, the map will be random. Any Questions feel free to ask.


Time will be chosen by the team and their chosen killer.


Frenchy- Killers: The Shape, The Doctor, The Huntress

Shepard-Killers: The Hillbilly, The Huntress


Shepard - Team1: Born, Emerald, John, Kita

Frenchy - Team2: Chopz, Carnifex, Cody, Veybur

- Team3: Wombat, Shepard, Bailey, Frenchy


Team 1 V The Doctor

Team 2 V The Shape

Team 3 V TBD

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