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Vice's EM Application

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Steam Name:




Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly?

Steam ID:

In-game name and rank:
IC SSGT Kappa 95 Vice

Time Played:

1 Week, 2 Days

Why are you applying for this position?: 
I think that  me being part of the staff team could bring new ideas you may or may not have heard of before, and even though new ideas could sound a little iffy they could also work. Through this diversity new ideas from more experienced event masters could emerge and result in even better events than they are now.


How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?:

I think that  me being part of the staff team could bring new ideas you may or may not have heard of before, and even though new ideas could sound a little iffy they could also work. Through this diversity new ideas from more experienced event masters could emerge and result in even better events than they are now.


Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them:

I have not been an event master neither an admin on any other servers.


Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them:

I have had no warnings, kicks or bans.


What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?: 
Through allowing people to participate more than what they do now. Navy don't seem to do much that I see, this could however be false as I have never actually experienced being a part of the navy. But in my mind I have ideas that could incorporate the navy's contribution to events other than them just sitting in a pre-built command centre all event.


Anything else you would like to add: 

More than one event master will be needed for this event, possibly 2-3. Also, on the previous website I had requested that my EM application was to be revoked, but I wish to only apply for EM on this website. I would guess that my moderator application and EM application are now both obsolete. That is why I am reposting this on this website. I do not wish to continue with my T-MOD application, but try and apply for EM.


Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master: 

The first event is a copy/paste of the example event that was provided on the last website in my app, if a different event is needed then it will be changed so it does not match my old application.




>Title: Purge of Endor  

>Map: Endor (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=568835546&searchtext=endor)

>Before Briefing: The Imperial Star Destroyer receives a transmission from an Imperial spy who infiltrated the ranks of the rebels who have situated themselves in a base on the planet Endor. The transmission ends abruptly with the voices of rebels shouting at the spy, and blasters being fired off.

>During Briefing: A transmission was received from one of our spies that there is a rebel base situated on the planet Endor. Our spy had told us that there was items of value that could prove useful to the Empire, one of those item being several Kyber Crystals. Other items such as weapons and technology that can be analysed and possibly reproduced, or have a counter weapon produced that would be used against the rebels and their pitiful rebellion. We will need to find the body of our spy so that we can retrieve any other items of importance he may have had on him at the time. Scout troopers will be provided with speeders to patrol the surface area of Endor while the remaining troopers locate the rebel base and purge it of any rebel scum. You have your orders, proceed to MH1 and prepare for departure. Dismissed.

>On Endor: Speeder bikes are spawned and are given to any scout troopers online, at least 2-3 should be provided, if there are less than that of scout troopers there will be a scout squad created to use the speeder bikes, they will not depart until preparations have been completed and troopers are sent out onto the rest of the planet, two teams will be made, one to locate and clear the rebel base, and one to locate and clear the landing pad that has the communications jammer that is in place. The speeder bikes will follow a designated path at half speed of their maximum capacity to avoid unnecessary collisions. While they are surveying enemies will ambush them from behind cover, from there they will have the choice to fight or flee, either way knowledge of rebel presence will be known. Upon locating the rebel base troopers will storm the base, taking out any rebel resistance that may be inside, 1-2 rebel captains will be inside along with a Jedi. The objective is to find whatever the Empire could use, so capture or kill both the Jedi and Rebel Captain/s. Once the base is clear Imperial engineers will move in to extract any information that may be needed while the designated team will split up to locate the body, the Kyber Crystal and any other valuable pieces of technology/weaponry the Empire could use. Team 2 will be clearing the landing pad and allowing navy to move in to decipher any codes blocking access to the jammer to shut it down, it is detrimental that the jammer is shut down so that an orbital strike can be called from the Star Destroyer onto the surface of Endor, destroying the rebel base, the landing pad, and any surviving rebel scum left on the planet. After the jammer codes have been deciphered it is found out that the body of the Imperial spy is being held out on a structure on water, this is when both teams converge on a rendezvous point and storm the lake as a team, leaving no survivors along the way. Upon clearing the lake structure, the body of the spy is found along with the Kyber Crystal, which he had hidden in his pocket before the rebels had executed him, and additional pieces of information left by the rebels, the information consists of a trade manifest which includes distributors supplying the rebellion with weaponry and technology that can be used against the empire, the distributors are marked as traitors to the empire and rebel sympathizers. Upon returning to the LZ,  before an orbital strike can be called, rebel X-Wings [at most 2] are seen attempting to escape the planets atmosphere, to get word out of the Empire's victory over Endor. Pilots are dispatched to deal with the rebel X-Wings while escape shuttles are organised, being sent down from the SD to the planets surface. Once the rebel X-Wings have been taken care of, an orbital strike will be called down onto the planet's surface, while the troopers take off and return to the SD for debrief.>On Endor: 

>During Debrief: With the siege on Endor proved to be a success, the information gathered from the rebel base will prove useful to our cause, and the termination/capture of the rebel and Jedi is one of the many feats the Empire is capable of, and for that your efforts will be praised, and our presence will still forever be feared for those who oppose us. OOC stuff follows along with regimental placing.


>Title: Cutting Costs

>Map: rp_noclyria_crimson

>Before Briefing: The navy receive a transmission from the planet which supplies the Empire with valuable resources needed for the construction of Imperial property. It is stated that due to the economy deteriorating from the growing rebel influence, cost for such resources being transported from the planet's surface to the Star Destroyer has risen. To cut costs, the Empire send as many hands as they can to transport the resources from the mining compound to an Imperial transport ship, where the resources will be taken from the planet's surface to the SD.

>During Briefing: We've received a transmission from one of our suppliers that due to the rise of rebel influence, costs for the needed resources have gone up. Because of this we'll be sending all of you down to the planet's surface where you will find your way to the mining compound, locate the crates of resources and transport them back to the LZ, where multiple transport ships will be there to collect the resources and take them back to the SD. We've suspected there may be rebel influence on the planet so make sure that you're on your toes, soldiers. Make your way to MH1, dismissed.

>On the Planet: Tanks are spawned and any additional props will be spawned in order to simulate more of a mining compound. Once everything has been organised players will be divided into different squads with their tanks, no specific role will be provided for each squad as it is just to utilise as much available resources as possible. They will make their way through the map, rebels being spawned with increased intensity the further they get to the mining compound. Once they have reached the compound, there will be two rebel event characters and the distributor of the mining compound. The Imperial forces will storm the compound, taking out any resistance that may come their way. The Empire does not care whether or not the rebels are alive or dead, but want the distributor alive so he can be further questioned for his motives to turn against the empire. Multiple crates will be found underground that holds the resources that were kept away from The Empire and will be transported to the surface where the tanks (or shuttles, whichever is easier) will transport the crates back to the LZ. Even higher intensity of rebels will be spawned when returning from the compound until they are in a safe distance of the LZ. Upon reaching the LZ the resources and troops will be evacuated off the planet, returning to the SD. On ship, the distributor will be interrogated for information on his employers and his motives, later being executed for treason against the empire.

>During Debrief: We successfully obtained the much needed resources for the Empire’s plans. The mining distributor will be interrogated for any information on who he was working for and his motives to do what he did. For his treasonous ways he will be executed. You’ve done well today, soldiers. OOC stuff follows along with regimental placing




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I haven't really seen you ingame before but I do have a few things to say. The first event that you have written is quite bland and unoriginal and doesn't really show that much imagination as it is basically go down to a planet, kill the rebels, steal the crystals (not to mention Endor is generally a bad map as it causes a lot of players to crash). The second event you have written is a bit better than the first one but is still quite standard (and VERY, VERY similar to the Clone Facility event the other night on the same map). Maybe if you could find some way to spice them up and make them a bit more original they would be much better. It's a -1 from me for now but I would be more than happy to change my decision at a later date if the events are made a bit more original.

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I've known you for a while now, once you've put your head into the RP you go all out, yet you have bad influences around you in your regiment and such. I'd like to see you on our team however, I'm sure you'd do well. +1

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I share the same opinion as Pinejack on this (Maybe not as strongly though), I do believe that some spice is needed in the first event - Perhaps add a newly constructed Sentry Droid that the Rebels have built (This would be a good mini-boss for the players to attack if given suitable HP and weapons). Another concern I share for the first event is with the Scout Troopers, I can already see it in my mind that the first bit of trouble will be that there are no Scout Troopers on as they're not a super active regiment. If there aren't, perhaps use a squad of 212th or another willing regiment. Another thing with them is the use of speeders, a couple of them may accidentally press SHIFT and send their speeders flying, thus killing a couple of them. This might even happen a couple of times and you would have to go back and reset them each time. A better alternative (Although not greatly) would be just to use a low-flying dropship that would be of similar speed to the speeders.

Now to the second event, I do like it but I think that there should be some more objectives for the troopers. It is a simple move in, kill rebels, get objective, kill more rebels and move out. So, I suggest you add in some side mission for the players. Something like having a squad of Rebel Commandos/Juggernauts when the first move into the mine would do alright or even you could possibly add something like what you did in your first event, before entering the mine a trooper escort might have to take navy personnel to a control area to deactivate a deflector shield that allows entry to the mine.

If you add these customisations to the event, I would be more than happy to give you a +1

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Thank you for this feedback, I've taken what you said into consideration and tried to make an event which includes some "spice", as referred in both Sivester's and Pinejack's response, "mini bosses", as referred in Sivester's response, added several more, and different, objectives into the event as well as making it so that a less inactive regiment/s can participate. I have attempted to make this event more original but in some respects can be seen using ideas from previous events as a base, but not a direct copy/paste of past event ideas. I do hope you think this event is better than my last two, and again, thank you for this feedback.


>Map: rp_nar_shaddaa_v2

>Before Briefing: Up at the bridge, one of the navy men receive an anonymous message from an unknown source about a group of mercenaries, conspiring against the empire. The message is taken to [whoever is highest ranking at the time], once analysed to identify who sent the message, and if it was a trick, to lure the imperial troopers into a trap. It proved to be a legitimate message, but whoever sent the message, or where it came from, was never identified. A briefing wascalled and all personnel made their way to be briefed.

>During Briefing: Troopers, we've received information from the navy about a group of mercenaries based on the planet Coruscant, who are conspiring against the empire and for this we will be heading down to the planet's surface, where we will locate them, capture them, and return them to the Star Destroyer for further interrogation. This mission can not fail, if it does, not only will troopers have died in vain but the group of mercenaries will surely rally more of their own troopers, growing ever so stronger to defeat us. You have your orders, head to MH1 for transport down to the planet. Dismissed.

>On Planet: Event characters are organised and props are set up for the event. Troopers are sent through the passageway that leads out onto the streets of Coruscant. As they exit, it is discovered that the so called mercenaries have been waiting for the arrival of the troopers, NPCs are spawned as well as one of the event characters being up on top of the catwalk above the street outside the exit, the prime objective that was requested of the troopers was to re-take the garage that the mercenaries used as a communications outpost, where the navy could establish a connection to the SD for more troops to be sent down for additional assistance. As the troopers fight through the onslaught of freedom fighters that are assisting the mercenary group, the mercenary that was once seen above on the catwalks fled to safety with his other mercenary companions. With the communications outpost captured, the navy/ISB discover that the mercenaries have both an Imperial Construction Droid, which contained plans for past, present, and future constructions for the Empire. Through searching the database more, the navy/ISB discovered that, in a nearby hospital, the mercenaries had captured and was holding an ISB agent. The troopers were tasked with retrieving both the droid and agent from the mercenaries grasp. Three teams were split up, two having a minority amount of squad members than the main one. One team was assigned to track down where the mercenaries were holding the droid, another team were assigned to locate and rescue the ISB agent from the hospital. Both squads that were assigned to locate the droid and ISB agent will face AI to fight through, although there won't be as much as there will be for the main squad, and the third, being the largest squad, will be assigned to push forward to try and locate the mercenaries and any information they may be hiding. As the troopers push through any waves of freedom fighters that there may be, they will come across the main junction where three of the four mercenaries will be, where the objective will be to at least capture two of the mercenaries. Along with the event characters, there will also be AI being spawned, but in places where they must defeat the AI before they can attack the mercenaries. Once the confrontation between the mercenaries and troopers has finished, they will continue to push forward into the main compound, where the ring leader and his light-saber-wielding guard will be. The fight with the light-saber guard will be made exclusively for any sabre wielding regiments. Orders are to kill the saber guard and capture the ring leader. The ring leader will not be armed, but will have increased health in case anyone makes the mistake to shoot him and accidentally kill him. The ring leader does not put up a fight and is restrained and returned to the LZ. [Optional] The troopers will remain in the compound to search for any additional information that they can gather for the Empire that could be used against the rebellion [Optional]. With the objectives complete, and the mercenaries captured, the troopers are ordered to return to the LZ, where they are transported back onto the SD for a debrief. An execution of the mercenaries is optional.

>Debrief: Congratulations troopers, you have done a great deed for the Empire today. With the capture of these so-called "mercenaries", we can extract any information of the rebellion from them, which will be used to aid us to emerge victorious against the rebellion. Regimental placings and OOC stuff follows.

>Behind the Scenes: 

  • At least 5-6 event characters required for the mercenaries, the ring leader, and saber guard, and MAYBE an event character to be in the same room as the ISB agent, acting as some sort of doctor, who would be innocent and unarmed.
  • The droid does not need to be an event character but could be.
  • 2-3 event masters to spawn in AI when the players are split up.

I hope this event idea had more spice to it than my past two, as I tried to add more objectives for the troopers to do, although the amount of event characters does seem to be a little excessive. This event would most likely be more fitting when there are a lot of people on at the time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this event idea.

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This new event is great! One thing that I do want to comment on is make sure that your maps are correct. You want to use Nar Shaddaa for a Coruscant event. Perhaps go into singleplayer and test out the maps for we have a Coruscant map as well. I understand that you want the dense city part of Coruscant but why not just have it set on Nar Shaddaa - it's a mercenary event and Nar Shaddaa is a Hutt moon.

Also, if you do become EM, make sure to familiarise yourself with the maps on the server. You can do this by going into your console and typing in "ulx menu" then going to the "maps" tab. When you scroll down, you'll see the event and rp maps that the server has. Because you're subscribed to the maps, you can go onto them in singleplayer.

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Thanks! I didn't realise that Nar Shaddaa was an actual moon. I thought it was just the maps name. I do understand that we had a coruscant map, just didn't realise that Nar Shaddaa was an actual moon. Thank you for telling me about the ulx menu command as well, I did not know of this and it is greatly appreciated.

It's also great to hear that you find the new event idea great.

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Just felt like adding that :)
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