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Just Cause 3 XXL Edition Giveaway

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Hello everyone it's your friendly neighbor hood Riot Trooper Flame here with a giveaway for Just Cause 3 XXL Edition on steam.

The rules are simple: IMPORTANT NOTE anyone can enter but it's just a matter if you meet the requriements for it if you win, you meet have no warns, have no more then 10 arrests on record, If you start to say abusive things to me about losing you will be banned from anymore giveaways i do and you will be reported to staff, If you try to pull sever/rp rank you will be banned from giveaways and reported to the right person, If you try to bribe me you will be banned from giveaways.

How to enter: If you find me on the sever PM me your name on the forums or PM me on the forms.

Notes: Everyone will have the same chances of winning no matter what rank in rp or sever/community, i will check the backgrounds on the winner to save me time so you can enter but if you're picked and have over ten arrests and or a warn a different winner will be picked.

The winners will be announced in 3 days starting from 29/12.

(if any of the staff have any problems with this PM on the forms)

(Any constructive criticism is always welcome)

Anyone who was in the last Giveaway is still in it unless they they don't want to

Congrats to the Riot CO Galle for winning (this isn't a rigged thing plz don't stone me)

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