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"Imperial Paradise" : SG vs DT

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If it were Chimaera Squad were down there it would be a much different story I can tell you ;) It would end in Sith: 0 and Troopers: 9999999 Jk the Sith would still win but we would definitely bring down a few with us xD  

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19 hours ago, Bailey said:

The music made this video, I remember when I made one of these lol.

That was yonks ago back when we (and by we I mean you) made this for CS, Classic Wintohs smh

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While Death Troopers and Shadow Guards were having a standoff, Imperial Navy Cadets were struggling to navigate through the ship's controls, while at the same time, Security Personnel were ordered to transport boxes of food due to a shortage of rations.

Honestly amazes me how much RP could happen at the same time.

Also, those Death Troopers were not on par with the quality we aim for in ISB. They must've been defects, or else the Shadow Guards would've been decimated. 

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