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Holidays, Birthdays and Thanks.


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Hey all, 


Just decided that because of everything over the next 2 weeks that I would inform you all what is happening.

First thing first, my 17th birthday is coming, which is on the first of January so I will be celebrating that with you guys, most likely, but that afternoon at 6 pm I am leaving to...

Second thing, my trip to New Zealand, I will being going to New Zealand, mainly south island I think, and so I will not be able to play, but will be available through discord (if you have me).

Last thing last, I would like to thank all of the people on the server that have made my time on Imperial Gaming so fun, as it is my 6 months since starting on the server + I just reached 3 weeks on the server. I won't be tagging people as I have had too many good moments with too many good people.


Thanks all,


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