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Are You Guys Looking For Staff?

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@AlphaSnerpyDerp The community is always looking to grow and expand. As we do so, we require staff to grow with the community. If you would like to be apart of the staff team you can go the the link attached below and follow the application process. 


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 Be sure to read up on the application of your choices rules before applying because lots of applicants fail to do so therefore get denied from their desired position.

Trial Moderator: 

Event Master: 

I'm putting the links here because you seem new to the forums and I don't wish for you to get lost while exploring application area. Good Luck.

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2 hours ago, Smoke said:

@AlphaSnerpyDerp we are in dire need of new EM's as we have a ton of trial and junior moderators, so if you have great ideas and are willing to put in the time IG would love to have some new EM's

I wouldn't say dire, but new and competent EM's are always welcomed.

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43 minutes ago, AlphaSnerpyDerp said:

I was just wondering whether staff applications were available, i am never on often enough...

Well, as others have said, feel free to make an application and it'll be reviewed :)

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On 12/26/2018 at 8:59 PM, Butcher232 said:

You should probably get very well acquainted with the community prior to applying for a staff position.

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Can't really get acquainted due to the fact i am an ST private

PLUS i have been on the server for a while but only recently joined forums...

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