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Christmas Giveaway / Raffle time!

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Starting on a more personal note yes, I am finally getting around to posting this woooh!!!
Sorrry for those who haven't really seen me around much or anything the past week as well I have been super sick, haven't been working or anything hahaha, but anyways lets get to it!

Entering the competition is going to be as simple as commenting down below allowing me to add your to the raffle / giveaway.
As per suggestions I will be using "https://wheeldecide.com/" to decide who will be receiving the gifts.

Now for those of you wondering what the gifts are...

I have put a little bit of money into my steam wallet, keep in mind this is Australian Dollars. moneys.JPG.a5c61e6a5b95a4cc60b15004f8c73be1.JPG
I will be drawing 3 winners out of the list from wheeldecide, the first winner, will be able to choose any game on steam of value up to $60AUD.
Winners 2/3, will be choose any game on steam of value up to $30AUD!!


So everyone get commenting for your chance to win, Ill draw tomorrow assuming I am able to get on depending on how busy I am, on from there we will communicate and discuss what to guess.


Love you all good luck!

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