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Hello i am Frenchy

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I am FrenchyFries some of you may know me from a long time ago and some of you may not. After a long period of confusion (Thank you @Helsing) I am on the server.

I was a guy in the Ad team enjoyed being there. I really do love film, and the process of making a movie or play. 

Currently I am a Storm Trooper Private named Grievous (General Grievous is my all time favourite Starwars character) and to be completely honest I, myself don't know if I will stay for longer than a month I'm mainly here due old friends and holidays. I may stay longer it really depends on what's up with stuff but for now I'm here! Feel free to introduce yourself if you want. Goodbye

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8 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:

I have awaited your return my Scout Trooper Commander ;). Great to have you back man! Really missed you it’s a shame your only going to be here for a month or two...Anyway great to have you back <3

Think of me like the present you get on Christmas Eve before Christmas day. ;)

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2 hours ago, Splonter said:

I'll have you know, The Media Team has finally managed to create a Christmas Special.


Welcome back!

Took you long enough to finish it tho

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