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Signature presents!

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Over the past week, Auzii and I have been working hard on getting all your requests done before Christmas time.

Happily we have gotten through nearly all of them by Christmas Eve, with only a few left to do. However, as expected around this time, we will be taking a short break. For those who haven't yet requested a forum signature, a link at the bottom of this post will be provided, as well as a link to the original post by Auzii.

We will resume the grind shortly after we receive our goodies on the 25th, so make sure to place your orders in now.


Here is a showcase of the requests I have completed over this time:








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Once again, thank you so much. Both Kahn and Auzii for doing such an outstanding and amazing job at creating custom banners/signatures for the IG Community. 

Thank you, both, and Merry Christmas!

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