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Message from Knights of Zakuul

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Gentlemen, We the knights have addressed this on many occasions whether it has been through global messages or a direct threat from me personally but for some reason the issue persists.
I refer to the desperation of those that want to be in our regiment.

Yes we realize there is a slot available since the departure of Throne, when some of you discovered this, we were spammed with "Now can I join? huh? will there be tryouts?"

We have said so many times now that we are either not recruiting or we are full. If we are looking for someone to join us, chances are we've already found someone worthy. No one is getting into Knights by asking me personally about even if they donate for it and you know why? Because your showing me that you just want to be cool. I want people that can cover all aspects of the required initiative and I will be permakilled before I let some squeaker come join us.

Casing Point: The harassment stops here. You are ruining your own chances each time you do it and WE MAKE THE DECISIONS!
If you really think that you can be a good Knight of Zakuul then you must be patient. Earn recognition from your current commanders so that they may vouch for you.
I will not jeopardize the best kind of RP because you want to be cool and powerful.
So for the last time: Stop PMing us about joining Knights and be patient.
I don't know what's not clear about that

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So their isn't anyone that is part the group of people that can cover all aspects of the required initiative,  That is also a squeaker?   What a binary term for negative stigma

You don't actually understand how grateful you should be, for the reality of people wanting to join, in their masses. Yes the spam is hard to tolerate, but this is were you start a Campaign of Tryouts. Give people the chance to make them feel like they are making record-able progress to their desired position within your ranks. But may end up attain ranks in other areas that aren't actually yours.

It might be 4-5 tryouts that a person has to go to, to prove themselves as a person that can cover all the aspects. And by doing this, it results in a much humbling recruit in the end, as it took them this long to achieve a foot in the door to the Knights of Zakuul. (even then it could just be Trainee). You have the interest, give the hype something good to pursue, and watch the fireworks. The people that pass the first tryouts, are written and recorded as doing so. A use for Trooper CV quals, Eg, Someone who has passed, receives interest from another regiment who may like to see this record.

 Now with good thoughts in mind, an the ability to add some real activity to people participating in a Tryout Campaign, the first of its kind, will be a challenge. And yea, this idea might not appeal, "all the people asking to join" aren't the types of players we would let join anyway. These people, with any amount of training and tryouts, don't show us the aspects we could perceive as a willingness to change how they act, rp, and socialise. Therefore how could we ever trust them with our Regiment Name in their title.

But this is a real chance to filter out the people in a basic training, to even qualify for your Zakuul tryouts. Then focus on the interesting users who aspire to the position. And then pick only when you know the time is right, and send all the rest of em, out to the wild. But you equip the many who, maybe consider the actions involved to getting into Zakuul a failure, and you give them recommendations and reports to the other regiments around the server. The Campaign won't then just have one winner, if anything the other regiments down on the ground might win from gaining a trooper who was in the top 3 to being considered possible Zakuul. And also someone who passed a few tryouts may achieve a role in another regiment they end up enjoying.

But here's the thing, you don't want there to be 6 ST privates at a tryouts, and have many of them falling short on simple things like faces. There's the next opportunity of gaining Standing with other regiments as Zakuul. All 6 of those ST's are struggling faces, and will probs struggle on all other trooper training standards, Just bring in another regiment of 3-4 to do the dirty work. The regiment commander you bring in to help, can delegate roles to his/her troopers to do when taking the ST's through basic training's. The opportunity to, give a commander a chance to watch and assess their own troopers in action, is only a win win for everyone. Specifically your tryouts could add much activity to the server between regiments, and could become a global standard in Tryout Campaigns.

Giving people the experience to run tryouts as a set of trainers, to then impart experience to many troopers all going for one spot, to the result of you attaining someone who you consider covers all aspects, and for-fills your criteria exceptionally, or not attaining someone at all, and sending everyone home with some good memories. This may sound like a bit too much like hard work.

And legit, you could make it as long as you want, or end it as soon as you have found someone from a completely different angle. Either or, could make for some exciting gameplay, not just for you, but for many others, and their regiments.  Giving a chance for people to add value to themselves, now that is what you can do.  Give 'em the road, and it will lower the spam. They keep asking when the tryouts are happening, either give them a day, or tell them to go ask a regiment to train them for you (probs a reg you have had a talking to before hand). Now you have either a new recruit, or Just a network of people looking for the best all because you gave them the opportunity to work with you. 

Aye, just something to think about, just understand you are in a great position with many things you can do, that could positively affect a lot of users. No offense taken if it sounds way too far fetched for you.



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