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Hey guys this is directed towards the Server Owner and anyone else who has access to the PayPal,

I currently ran into this on my server and I should pass it onto you guys, Disabled the option for people paying with echeques, (Non Instant Payments) as they can easily be faked or bounce back, for instance it can show on the Prometheus donation page as paid and not even ever clear the paypal remaining as a pending balance on their echeque forever, Mostly they'll say it'll clear in 1-2 days but You should only accept donations once they actually clear through paypal.


And if  they do pay with echeques you should contact Paypal and ask if theres any pending balance and if there is it should actually show up as a "payment received on hold" on paypal 

Hope this helps. Cheers guys.

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30 minutes ago, Kumo said:

If anyone were to fake a donation they get community banned, its simple.

@Mongo as Kumo has stated above, if someone were to fake a donation on the server they will automatically be Community Banned (Forums and Server) therefore making whatever they faked the donation for in the first place null and void. I've witnessed people getting these bans multiple times in the past, the people who have access to the Paypal who i would assume is just Wolf would be constantly looking out for issues like this occurring and dealing with it quite swiftly. However i'm sure they would be thankful for you notifying them of this feature, if they were not already aware of it.


i remember being on one night and a user donation for Sith Inquisitor and later that night (around 2 hours later) was community banned for faking his donation). 


- Sully

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