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Project Borealis

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G'day, again.

So basically, Project Borealis is a new(ish) development project that is being created to continue the Half Life episodic series.

In the Half Life universe, Project Borealis takes place after the ending of episode 2 where Alyx and Gordon are tasked with finding the Borealis (a ship created by Apeture Laboratories). Anyways, here are a view demos and such being created for the Project. Looking really good so far.


And also, to add to this. Boreal Alyph is also a development team who is creating the same sort of game with the same time stamp.

Also, I believe Boreal Alyph's development team is doing their project in the Half Life engine whilst Project Borealis are doing their project in Unreal Engine.


Project Borealis:

Boreal Alyph:




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I worked with Borealis for a bit, helped Gonzo out with a bit of stuff he didn't want to do. Good group of guys, just doesn't look like its ever going to come out lol.

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7 hours ago, SCHEFF said:

Video game documentaries need to become more mainstream.

Agreed scheff, also this Project looks like it could be very good and could improve game play a fair bit. Will it come out though? and if so when? these are the real questions ;) 


- Sully

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