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Giveaway Season!

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                                 GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT.JPG


Christmas is upon us and to celebrate the season of giving i'm hosting a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY! The giveaway will take place on December 25th 2018 at exactly 6PM AEST! To go in the draw all you have to do is make sure you are in the Imperial Gaming Team speak server (ts3.imperialgaming.net) and join the giveaway channel which will be available for exactly 1 minute at 6pm and after the minute it will be closed and all who are in the channel will go in the draw to win 1 of 2 MASSIVE PRIZES!


First Place:

$100AUD Visa Card


Second  Place:

50,000 Credits on the Imperial Gaming Server


some smaller prizes may also be on offer....


*All prizes are paid for in full by me however if you wish to contribute anything to the giveaway as small bonus prizes, contact myself*

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52 minutes ago, Wombatiacus said:

I'm going to be there on that month, on that day, on that hour and on that minute... Expect me to be there... >_> 

the channel will only be un pass worded for 1 minute, so to enter you will have to be ;) 

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4 hours ago, Shepard said:

Heck yeah, i'm down for it.

Sounds good

4 hours ago, Rickle said:

Count me in boy!

Consider yourself counted

4 hours ago, Brass said:

oh hell yeah boi

But hows the parking?

2 hours ago, Bailey said:

Sounds lit.

Litter than a lighter

1 hour ago, Delta said:

Unfortunately I have a family 

So no free money for me

And the credits are useless I don't gamble 

Best of luck 

Unfortunately im bored and have no life so yeah


- Sully

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15 hours ago, Anthony said:

Truly epic, I'll have to try be there

Hope to see you there

15 hours ago, Nomos said:

see you there

Indeed you will

14 hours ago, Splonter said:

Very nice and generous of you!

My bank account would think otherwise

1 hour ago, Snow said:

I will try my hardest to get on the computer at 6pm.



- Sully

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