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Anniversary Firework Video

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Hey all,

First off i would just like to say thank you to all the people involved with making today as special and amazing as it was. The whole day was filled with amazing times and a lot of smiles and laughter, from the laggy yet fun time on the theme park map, to the party on Illum followed by the award ceremony. To all the people who were unable to attend due to other commitments or the server being at max capacity enjoy the following video of the marvellous firework display.





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1 hour ago, Bailey said:

The ST at 40 seconds kills me, just the top of his head lol.

Bahhaha same, i was lowkey laughing my ass off

1 hour ago, Wombatiacus said:

The fireworks were so amazing even though I crashed like half way through them I still enjoyed it xD Great Video btw <3

Yeah thats why my recording ended, i crashed. Still amazing though!


- Sully

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2 hours ago, Ragetank said:

Hey its your boy dancing in the bottom right

Indeed it is ;) 


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