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fuck dude, I’ll miss you.

From the first time I met you, ISB back when I was in Inferno (december 2017) we have always been great mates. You were always there to laugh with, to complain with/rant with and I knew that we had very similar views on things so we would agree most of the time. One of the best people on the server hands down, made a great event master, great with pac (fucking stole my rescue pac) and overall great friend. Message me occasionally on steam dude, I’ll miss you if for you dont


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5 hours ago, Morgan said:

To put it simply I'm leaving the server and community.

Bored of the server and gmod in general. Along with that, there have been decisions made by certain members in the community that I disagree with.

@Jman1308Minge, but a good minge. Message me for Sins.
@TwinkieMinge and the real Agent Hask
@RagetankMessage me to play Star Citizen and Stellaris
@JyeBig minge, message me for Sins and other games

@EmeraldPAC3 god
@BaileyPAC3 god 2.0
@RoboFight me in Sins

@ me If I didn't mention you.

Sins me

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