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With the Anniversary today, I thought I would put together and share a collection of my screenshots. I have been wanting to do this for a while and I thought today would be fitting. I joined the server at the start of August 2017 and this was my first time ever playing SWRP.


Here is my first screenshot on the server. I was a 'Mingey' ST named 'GREF'. I am having an interview trying to join Navy, I really wanted to join Navy back then. Crims was interviewing me, I feel like it is Qteks to my right, not 100% sure. I sadly failed as I couldn't sit down. ALT was defaulted to drawing my last used weapon...



Here I am in the brig, probably for trespassing. I used to get put in the Brig a lot. Looking back through these photos I didn't even realise that small things like the brig doors changed, another one is the table and chairs in the screenshot above.



As you can clearly see, I am in an admin sit. I don't really remember what for but probably something bad as I am caged... I don't remember who is standing in front of me but they are from an old sith regiment called 'Prophets'. 



Arrested once again. I am in Terror Troopers under the command of a past member named Simmo. We are also in the old troopers bunks, which was a two-story group of bunks. They used to be in that long empty hallway near Engine Room. I really miss them, to be honest. 



I am now in Naval Guard here under the command of Crasher. Chimaera Squad replaced them. In front of me is Military High Command (MHC) which now is just a bit down the hall the games room, which of removed and formed in Imperial High Command (IHC). MHC consisted of all the Generals and Secretaries Scheff is the most memorable Secretary. Then things do need to change and MHC became IHC and the Secretaries well became Regional Government I guess. Behind me is the 'Bridge Checkpoint'. I am currently guarding it and for some reason am calling for Shock through OOC? Most of these screenshots are accidental by the way, and I am thankful for that!



Here again, I am guarding the Control Room as anyone could wander in there. Due to the Keycard system not on around at this time. Again pictured is MHC which has moved to where Government is today, it stayed here for a while. I am having a conversation with these to STs, you can tell what the conversation was like by looking in chat. Most of the members around at this time would most likely remember Skull Storm, well staff especially. 



Now we move to when I joined ISB after being kicked from Naval Guard for disobeying orders "Which I still do not agree with to this day", I won't go into detail if you care I can tell you. Not too sure what is going on this screenshot looks interesting though. Pablo is the agent by the fire. He brought me into ISB and I thank him for that, it really shaped who I am on the server, being in ISB was the best time I have had. I remember messaging him asking to join and waiting the entire Commanders meeting out the front of MHC for my interview. They thought I showed dedication through waiting and sitting there that long, they are Pablo and the one and only Jman.



A classic execution after Debrief. Steveo is shown here commanding the troops as a Major General. Was sad to see him go. 



Not sure what is going on here, but someone had me cuffed in the vents and is now hanging me from them. This is just outside Engine Room, and those Trooper bunks can be seen just in front. 



Just an average day in ISB HQ hanging Death Troopers from the roof. This was when ISB was where the Sith Temple now is. 



One of my fellow agents back then. He has left the server now. ISB, Navy and Sith all had a big conflict one day and this man solved it all and had Navy and Sith on their way. He was promoted twice I believe in the span of two days. Now onto the background, in the top right is Pablo's office and below that is Jman's office. A statue of Krennic which was Gusky, he has now returned to Krennic, hopefully, no more of these statues. Regardless, the statue was later changed by the Emperor to Krennic kneeling before him. The Emperor at this time was Dragz. On the far left is the meeting room and behind me was basically Krennic's Quarters. Half of ISB was basically Krennic's area, quite funny actually. 



Here I believe we were waiting to board ships for an off-ship event,  you can see my old Commander Crasher guarding the Hangar. 



No clue what is going on but there is just a tiny recruit?



We were sent out to MHC. You can Scheff or known as Chef Jr. being treated like a dog in this and to my left is Edwards. The previous Head Event Master.



A situation taking place at the Engine Room. I was taking screenshots to be used in reports if anything happened. You can see Dom talking was a Shock Trooper, he is now in Widow Squad. 



Sith giving us as datapad, not sure why. Pablo I believe is to my right, I am unsure of who the Death Trooper is and I don't know who was Palpatine at the time. It was most likely Dragz. 



Storm Troopers having a meeting in their old bunks. You can see Commander Alex at the back. Who is now the Storm Trooper Brigadier. A very long-serving member indeed.



SCAR doing Tryouts. Robinson in front of me, he did return but I am unsure where he went again. I believe they were protecting me in case someone decided to attack us during this shooting,



Kosmos taking a speeder for a spin during an Event. I was a Rebel right now.



During my time in ISB, a system was set up where every important part of the ship would have a Security/Fading door and a Keycard. Only we knew the codes, but when individuals would like to enter, they would contact us with comms with where they would like to enter and a reason. Then in ISB, he had a set of buttons which would control each of the doors and we would open the door for them. It was a great idea but had it flaws. It was hard to have an Agent in ISB manning the buttons at all times. It was later removed. I took screenshots of each of the locations. I will include them all to show what the entries of the locations used to be like. 


This is the old brig.



Tarkin in ISB HQ. Tarkin was Whitey at this time. You can see Stryker in the background as a DT. Pablo to my left as Garrick Versio. In the squad, you can see Axx who is now Shock Trooper Lieutenant Commander. Also, what a great name for Tarkin...



The old MHC Meeting Room. I don't think I was supposed to walk in on this.



Pablo used to enjoy messing around with face poser on the agents.



I remember in this screenshot I was doing spy work for ISB, basically, there was a rebellion taking place and I managed to sneak into it and reported directly to ISB. Would you believe who is in the squad for the rebellion, none other than Fliqqs! Behind me I believe is Qteks and infront of me was the Education Centre. That area is now the Games room.



Pretty sure this was the work of Kumo. It is Cody by the way.. in the white suit.. yeah...



The day when all of ISB was getting arrested. It was a big thing. I took lots of screenshots cause you gotta get that evidence. 



Look who is up the back there staying out of trouble. Able Crewman Emerald!



Naval Guards chasing an agent, my old Commanders is actually the Naval Guard to the right. Jman is over there to the right trying to settle everything



Glad I got a screenshot of the improved statue. As I stated earlier, Krennic is kneeling before the Emperor.



It was getting really heated so Sentinel Gamma had to come down and sort things out. He had a big impact on the server, unfortunately, has moved on.



Pretty sure he tried to release Edwards, who is the agent to the far right. 



Pablo re-educating 442nd. He was doing this because they were really bad at guard.



There was a lot of Storm Troopers online so why not try to train them all. The General is Steveo.



I was now ISB Secretary. This was the view from my desk of Gusky getting all his Death Troopers in line. Literally. Gusky used to recruit Death Troopers over the limit so he would always have lots online, quite funny actually. You didn't hear that from me.



Gusky going for a cruise on a speeder during ISB Meeting.



My first time flying a Lambda, Emerald was in the ship too. At this point in time, he was stuck inside. 



Gusky talking to Shock and Riot about changes in Security. I'm pretty sure this was the introduction of people held in the brig being recorded through google forms and sheets. This was Pablo's idea and continues on today.



Big line of Troopers. That is Admiral Cody up the front in the white.



I was put into Shock temporarily to monitor the new system. ANiX is also getting destroyed by Inquisitors. 



Photo of the old player list. A few current members are on here. 



ISB torture method. The TV was playing My Little Pony or something similar. Surprisingly a great technique. 



Jman training the Death Troopers.



The old Bridge Checkpoint. This is where the Holotable now is. Really miss this.



Old Sith Temple. This is now Storm Troopers bunks,



Carrying a bunch of Cargo in an Event back to the LZ.



And just like that, I left ISB. I got bored it. It became lots of paperwork and fewer operations and doing work on the field. It made me leave. I am now guarding Bridge Checkpoint as a Storm Trooper. The Sith Temple was moved so now it's like a staring contest. 



I then joined Engineers, I loved Engineers it was so much fun. I am giving people Taxi rides here. 



Sith wanted wanted to excecute Cad Bane, so here we are using a blimp a fellow Engineer made to send him off in style.



First screenshot of me with PAC3. I was just learning the ropes...



All the Engineers. We had a really good group and a great friendship.



Cody and I chilling on a Roller Coaster in a cave on Rishi Moon. Really miss Rishi Moon, hopefully, it can become more optimised. I'm also wearing a High Vis vest if you are wondering. 



I now joined Shadow Troopers, I loved my time in Shadow. Shadow and Medics were really close. We had an amazing group of us and I loved every minute of it. I am not sure what I am doing here, but nonetheless it looks interesting.



Sitting outside the Bridge Checkpoint. 



I ended up joining Chimaera Squad. I started to want to remember Naval Guard I guess this was the closest thing at the time. I joined under the command of Jimka and Kaye. This is what I thought would be the last screenshot when I left. I had been an Event Master for a while now, and I drained myself out. My Events were horrible towards the end of my time and I lost motivation to play. After a long break, I came back and still had no motivation. So I resigned from Event Master and left the community. 



Of course, I came back. I eventually started to miss the server and how much it meant to me. When I returned I donated for Boba Fett and attached to 501st mainly because of the VF Commander Katie AKA Peguin. 



I did a hit on Gideon Hask, and you can see me getting interrogated in ISB by Pablo who is Del Meeko as Gideon was revived. Iris is the Grand Inquisitor in the photo. 



I wanted something to work towards to, I wanted to progress. So I left Boba and joined Engineers. Here I was cleaning the hallways and Shock was in my way. This happened a handful of times. Shortly after joining Cody posted on the forums 'Engineer Commander Applications'. So I applied and ended up getting in the end. But, I simply couldn't be active enough to lead Engineers, they were really reliant on me. I seemed I needed to be online for them to actually do anything. So, I made the decision to step down. I'm glad I did. It is thriving now under the command of Rad Cop, he has done really well. 



I moved to Widow Squad, I loved it. I really enjoyed doing big patrols as shown here. 



I told them all to look at the roof because I thought it looked funny...



Those ISB days are paying off down the track. Doing some scouting/spy work.



No standing on the holotable!



The wedding of Delta and Bevan. I was Delta's dad. Long story short. Lincoln who was Krennic at this time. Got the DT in a firing line at the end of the isle and they killed everyone.



I ended up leaving Widow and joined Medical Troopers. Medics is fun, but Events are hard. I joined under the command of Spud and Mono. I also just got PAC since returning so that was cool!



First time using the Death Star. I sat in the Emperor's Chair and got a cool photo!



Found a lonely Storm Troopers in those beds that slide out. We had a good chat. 



Wimlay finding a good use for his time.



Jman loves it when I call him Wilhuff.



Poor Stinger. I asked whos chair it was. He told me it is everyone's chair we all can use it. I say then sit in it. He sits in it. We is then shot...



Don't go AFK in a hallway Bailey when I am on.



Same goes for you too Emerald.



And finally the latest screenshot. Emerald got me back...



If you got to the end good work. I think that was like 80 Screenshots. Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you are anywhere in these photos.







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Also you remembered my wedding thank you 

But where is the beach you made for me when I was in shore a long time ago 

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This is nice though, pictures are worth 1000 words.

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Oml that has got to be the longest post ever.

And I haven't been around very long but it's nice to see old photos of IG :)


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@Ramirez next time use the spoiler boxes to insert the Screenshots however these all give me flashbacks to mid last year when i joined, so many amazing memories!


- Sully

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1 hour ago, Ramirez said:

Pretty sure this was the work of Kumo. It is Cody by the way.. in the white suit.. yeah...


AHAHAHAHAH I remember this lmao

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This was cool getting to see all the old photos from way before i joined the server. And appreciate the mention i do my best but you certainly did well when you were active.

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3 hours ago, Ramirez said:

Pretty sure this was the work of Kumo. It is Cody by the way.. in the white suit.. yeah...


 I hosted a build-off in the engineers to make a statue of cody and they built shit like this, I got in trouble for it btw.

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3 hours ago, Twinkie said:

AHAHAHAHAH I remember this lmao

Remember when rooster fucked up the rescue mission to save Cody 

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