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Matrix's Slightly Late Intro

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To anyone that doesn’t know me my name’s Matrix, I’m a part of Sith Marauders and I’ve been with IG for about a month and half now (I know this is a bit late but better late than never, right?).

In reality my name’s Luke, I live in Melbourne and I’m a high school student aspiring to be an Electrical Engineer. As far as my name goes, I just thought of a few cool words and mashed them together, it was originally Stealthmatrix and I changed it after a few years to Matrix (And no, I’ve never seen the matrix the film but I intend to).


I’ve had a bit of history/experience with SWRP, I originally played OG Poseidon back in 2016, since then some of you may have seen me on other servers, primarily galaxy or jvs.

I decided to join IG because I had a few mates who played here and introduced it to me (Zote and Rivers), this is my first time I’ve ever played Imperial RP and so far, I’m quite enjoying it. Everyone’s been very welcoming so far, and I’m looking forward to meeting as many people in the community as I can. If anyone ever needs to have a chat to me, feel free to come up to me ingame or chuck me a message through TS or Discord and I’ll be as helpful as I can.


Cheers, Matrix.


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Good to see you around the forums as always, it’s awesome that both you and Zote have transitioned over here along with me :)

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