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sTaR wArS - A losing all your credits to Wolf Story.

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Play this while reading it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EQ6eHeBrhM

We gather here today for a very solemn occasion and for a very short story.

At approximately 10:15pm AEST on the 5th of December 2018 a poker game was started in the Arcade, with Tex, Wolf , and Nex attending the table. 

The dealer hands the cards to the players out and preflop betting begins.

Every bets like crazy....(words can't describe it)

Repeat steps 1-5, for at least a decent amount of loops.



1.The bet is raised, 

2.I Bet

3.The bet is raised once again

4.I Bet

5.I run out of chips so i get more.


The preflop betting continues for another 5 minutes, with the grand total at the end of the preflop being almost 3600+(cant remember the exact no.) from 3 seperate pots.

The dealer places down the first 3 cards, at this stage every single ounce of everyone money is in the pile.(besides Wolf's cos somehow he was like 100,000 credits)

The dealer places down the last cards.

Play this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7DVh9IPHqM


Then the realisation hit, as I had nothing in my hand....

As a result of my exuberant betting , i walked away from the table with nothing

Moral of the story: Big balls are good, just not when your versing Wolf.

Regrets: Fuck...I didn't get it on camera.

Bet no one can beat 3600.


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9 hours ago, Delta said:

This is a shit post on a new level 

Words can't even describe it. I think we have to try though.

Congrats on your Post of low / no meaning

great story though. many tears were shed.

Just learn to never play with @Wolf. He cheats in everything, even ARMA 3

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