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Hornet's Farewell

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So year 12 has just begun, a very big, busy, crucial part of my life that will set me up for university and my future career. On top of this, I have been involving my self in performing arts much more than I have in the past, meaning I am often going on long extended hiatus's to practice or catch up with gigs that wasn't normally a problem in the past.

So in the face of all that was going on, I have made the final decision to leave the Imperial gaming community after being involved in it for nearly 2 years.

Yes, I am leaving. Not going on a extended leave for the year, leaving.

So, after 2 years of commanding storm troopers, Imperial Awards, and IHC, I would like to give thanks to the members of this community, and make special mentions to those I felt I worked with closely.

@Wolf Thank you for making and supporting this awesome community. Your constant efforts backstage haven't gone unnoticed and I wanted to thank you personally for making an amazing medium for me and so many others to be able to come together, and have fun.

@Whitey Thank you for being there to answer my constant queries. I especially thank you for placing your trust in me when it came to projects such as the death star reveal trailer, or making dumb ideas of mine such as the Imperial Awards host: 'John Shover' into a reality.

@Stevo. You've been with me from the start, and although we've had our ups and downs, I'd like to thank you for being an inspiration for me to aspire to.

@Corvo @Alex @Department @Regret Some of the original and still remaining members of Widow squad. You guys helped me so much during my time as CMDR and i'm happy to see you all still working together as a team, to help manage the storm trooper corp when no one else wants to. 

@Welshy Although I failed and left shortly after, I can't forget to thank you for allowing me to for my first time ever, become a staff member and be a TEM...even if it was for a short time

@Carnifex One of the first people I met upon coming into IHC, thank you for teaching me the ropes and showing me what to do

@Jman1308 You've been what i'd call a good friend, and I've loved having laughs with you

@SCHEFF Amazing PAC's and you've always been someone I've felt as though I could have a good chat to.

@Cody Thank you for trusting in my abilities and nudging me in the right directing during my time in IHC, although you can be scary, I know deep inside you know how to have a good laugh

@media team Pick up the pace, according to the trello I, as an individual, have still made the most media content

@Boris Yes, After your year or so of begging for me to notice you, I finally did

If i haven't mentioned you in the list, do not fret. I've had good times with so many people, and it's difficult to condense everyone i've met and shared a laugh with onto one list. Just be rest assured, you'll always be in my heart.

So, thank you very much, and farewell

~ Hornet



A more in depth reason why I'm leaving IG


So, my last post on the forums probably made quite clear and obvious that I wasn't really enjoying my time on IG anymore.

I was stressed, heading into end of year exams, and had a music tour straight after that, so I didn't really want to spend time on IG. However, I held belief in my heart a 2 months to focus on study and go on tour would be more than enough time for me to warm back up to IG. So, with that I made 2 announcements that I was leaving. One on the forums, and another on the IHC Trello.

After returning, I found that I was demoted to Major, and was gutted. I was not warned what so ever, no one tried to contact me to see how things were doing, just demoted. Now, after spending over a year to reach a position, only to have it robbed from beneath you is quite bullshit in my opinion, so, I made a satirical video listing together the absurdities of this occurrence.

The video was never finished, since I lost the drive to complete all my points on it and didn't want to leave a completely sour taste in the communities mouth after I left, but I still believe that it contains some value information that might make my frustration easier to understand.

So. Since it was made clear that a 'Certain individual' and co. want all my efforts to be thrown away, I shall not argue, and shall instead accept there proposition, and leave the community. 

I never thought that my leaving would end on such a bad note, but alas, here I am. I just pray that no one else has to go through the absurdity that occurred to me. 

I'm not angry at nor do I hate the members of IHC, I'm just disappointed in them.

~ Hornet



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This stings man, I didn't know you very well at all, but, I did know you were a big part of this community and that many people are going to miss you.

The video, in all honesty, is a little unnecessary when it comes to people just trying to do their jobs set by Management, but alas, in some cases, stuff like this happens.

Good luck with your future mate.

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Oof it seems Begging does get you places kids

But anyway Hornet - I'm not gonna say Widow Squad made me into the best trooper - But it did make me into something better than a mingey ST. You were a great Commander and Brigadier - I hope to see you in the future...

Plz text me on steam dad

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Another legend leaves us in 2018. Safe travels mate, Year 12 will be hard but worth it. Best of luck and thank you so much for everything, including the mention :x still always up for a chat if you need.


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@addamcor, you are, without a doubt, incredible.

From fighting rancors on Vanqor as a Lieutenant, to being the little drummer brigadier of the STs.

You are one of the best work associates I have had during the 2 years I've spent in this community.

I'll miss you, dude. Much luck with your future endeavors.

You rock,


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My dear friend hornet, i will be forever grateful to you being the person who got me into widow a year ago, You will be sorely missed by us all and especially me

all of widow squad thanks you for your service and i will be sure to teach the new members about you.

You will never be forgotten my friend. hope we stay in touch


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