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The Imperial Logistics Center Is Now Open (Quests)


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The Development team have been working hard the past few weeks on implementing a new quest system for the server. Today it goes live on the server.

The quest NPC is located in the logistic center, to accept a quest simply line up and press e on the npc and choose a quest. Most quests are timed and you will be rewarded upon completion of the quest with Imperial credits.

These credits are used in Role play and in future will be used for trading, placing hits, gambling and other RP reasons.

Do not attempt to abuse the quest system, and please report any bugs to the staff team.

No quests are to be accepted while the Defcon is less than or equal to 3.

One more note is that the model for the NPC will be updated soon.

Have fun!


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1 hour ago, Boris said:

So....the thing that @Stryker and @Kumo developed for EG (While it Existed)



But infinitely better.


On an unrelated note, great job dev team! You guys are invaluable to the continued success of our community! This is amazing!

But please don't change the model of the quest vendor, I'm literally going to write in my lore than Chef Jr. returned to the ship to act as this role. It'd be such a satisfying thing and an honour to immortalise my Chef Jr. character as a recognised, interactive character which continues to contribute to roleplay. I mean I know I sound super vain but seriously, seeing the quest vendor as this model brought me so much joy and I hope it stays!

Also, I'd love to submit suggestions for future quests. Is there any way to do this?

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6 hours ago, Lachlan said:

@Chopz i thinks there's a bug with the Patrol Quest i tried it earlier today and i went to the blue Area and it did not register might want to check it out

Same with the Laugh at Palpy one... It doesn't work...  Also I still hate you @Rivers for killing me when I did that last night... I WAS SO CLOSE

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