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Epic annoucment

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So guys i did it i reached one thousand posts, I cant belive i reached tis number, Its incredible. Thank you guys so much for being herr for me even though Most of my old mates have moved on, i still have those who are here now. I did make a Video But i couldnt upload it, file too big my ass. Anyways I havent got Enough words to thank how grateful i am , you guys are all so kind and friendly and for lettting me come On the server and enjoy every moment. now for Some shoutouts

Best mates and Absolute cuties

@Anthony @Bevan @Chris @Joel

Amazing Workplace Members

@Rad_Cop @Frost @Monodelphis @Ana 

Favourite people to annoy

@Supersoup @Corvo 

Really fun people To chat with 

@Snoozy @buckhop6 @Renegaderade @stitches 

Some higher ups i look up to 

@Jman1308 @whitey{not gonna tag him becuase he's to important for this being community manager and all} @fliqqs @Planz

Also some madlads 

@Rickle @SCHEFF @Gregis @Brass @Ramirez 

Welp thats it 

See yall around the Ship

Love you all -Delta

P.s Ask any questions Down below <3

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So guys, we did it, we reached a quarter of a million subscribers A thousandth of a million posts, 250,000 subscribers 1000 posts and still growing the fact that we've reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal, I'm-I'm just amazed. Thank you all so much for supporting this channel Forum Account and helping it grow. I-I love you guys... You guys are just awesome.


Love you, and im proud of you homie <3

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