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This is why i love this server... (IG Talent Show)

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I missed recording the first 5 minutes of the talent show, but enjoy the last 15 minutes of it with some great singing, some beat boxing and some lovely poetry. (Devestated i missed recording the Emperors jokes at the start)

Kennys PM to Hammer: "Staff Sergeant [224-04] Kenny to You: be aware, i have been drinkling and am lil drunk"


Stitches: *sings song about running someone over with a car*

Tinky: "Manual or Auto?..."



- Cold

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1 minute ago, Shepard said:

The moment I saw the words beat boxing I was like, yeah @Arachnid is 100% in this video.

Yeah he is the servers beat boxer ;), if only you could've heard all the emperors jokes from the start, the jokes are the reason i started recording because after that i knew there was gonna be some good stuff to come.


- Cold

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