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Whats Crackalacking Fellas, Crunchy here.  (sorry with the bad Christmas theme of my text)

So I was surfing around the internet looking for something cool for my desktop and I stumbled upon Rainmeter this program allows you to design your desktop as you wish with live animations too that go with the beat of your song your listening to etc.

This is what I have created with it if you would like me to help you with using it just private message me on the forums or just comment below if you need help.

P.S ignore that box its full of my mints... hissssss.

P.S.S I'm on my phone RN cause I'm not gonna be back on my pc tonight but ill help you on Friday or the weekend maybe tomorrow if I have time. also, ignore the bad music I have in my playlist XD also ignore my Spotify name I don't know how to change it I made it when I was 12

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1 minute ago, Morgan said:


hmm yes I use it if a storm makes my power cut out


1 minute ago, Ramirez said:

Looks really cool. Remember though things like this use up a lot of your CPU.

ye I noticed that is why I kept the amount of things I used down to a minimum but it still looks cool


9 minutes ago, Snoozy said:

Hey this looks pretty cool man i might ask you to make one for me

so snoozy I can't real make one for you because I have to be on your computer to do it for you but if you want we can use team viewer 

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4 hours ago, Welshy said:

Does it come in slav? 

I can make one today and show you if you would like hehe

5 hours ago, Bailey said:

Wallpaper Engine but not as epic. Nah but, looks pretty fire dude.

Thanks man

7 hours ago, Hermes said:

Looks really cool, thanks for showing it off


- Cold

Just gotta give you that weird flex ya know

9 hours ago, Rickle said:

Looks good my dude.


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