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Well, I didn't anticipate this coming but I guess there is a time for everyone. I am making this post to thank the people of IG for the time in which I spent on it, after many hours of playing on Imperial Gaming I have met many great and welcoming people on this community. Up until I played on IG I never knew that I could meet so many caring and generous people in one community and I thank and wish everyone in the community the best for the future, but my time has come and I don't feel the spark in playing Garry's mod that I once had. If anyone is keen to play Black desert Online feel free to communicate with me via the forums. 


Special thanks to:

@wiles,@bacon, @Delta, Thanks for giving me the best time on the server XD.

@Wombatiacus@Zeta@pinejack@Vort@Ramirez@moon,@pig,@dwiggle, @Qteks @Monodelphis@Regret Thanks for being great friends who I could talk to on a personal level.

@Kendrick @Lincoln, Thanks for being great role-models and thanks for entrusting myself with a commanding role.

@Keta@Lachlan@CarswellThanks for being great role models and friends whilst I was in Navy.

@Uncle_BobbyB@Anthony@Crunchyyeah the boys.

@MaulerThanks Mauler or col the kid. Thanks for being a lad and for bringing back the nostalgic memories back in the Arcadia days. 

And lastly, a massive thanks to everyone that I was in a regiment with, people who volunteered to be in any of my events and generally a massive thanks to the entire server for being great people. Thanks.


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1 hour ago, Rivers said:

Best of luck to you for the future my dude and a big fat o7

 As our good friend Teamspeak would say "See you soon..."


- Cold

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Bye havoc 

The last shore trooper has left........

I'm all that's left

Gonna miss you a lot dude 

o7 <3

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On 11/27/2018 at 7:47 PM, Planz said:

Best of luck in the future ;D

Sad to see you go

kinda a late reply but byee, you will be missed


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