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2236's Introduction

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Hello. My name is Kristofer, my Trooper Designation is 2236.

First and foremost, my name is Kristofer because it is a modified version of my real middle name, Kristopher. Huge difference isn't it? 

As of now, I am a Master Sergeant of the 212th Attack Battalion, a regiment that will always be in my heart forever and ever.

In-game, you would most likely find me going up and down the Level 1 - Level 3 Elevator aimlessly while trying to find something to do, or performing roleplay you wouldn't normally see. For instance, I've RPed losing my comlink to Jawas, and when we got back to the ISD I borrowed a comlink off a Shock Trooper, allowing me to use their communication channel to contact the Navy. I have also called Engineers to fix the large elevator a few times as an excuse to my inability to press the button properly. I've adopted a thing where my character owns a Personal Custom Made, state of the art, beryllius plated, bachini scented, engraved DH107 Comlink so generously provided by Ragnar Lo'Thar when I lost my previous one to Jawas. (Ty for that)

I was trained as a Recruit by Rivers, and got my CL2 Test taken by Rivers. Now I just need to get PKed by Rivers to complete the vicious cycle, don't I? 

That's all, folks. See you all in the ISD Chimaera. 

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Good to see you around man, funny how we’ve crossed paths at each step of your IG journey. I still remember the night I trained you when it was past 1am and I was going from recruit to recruit non-stop until @Brass told me to go to bed ahah.

Welcome to the forums!

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