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Jennifer Lee Jebbinson "Jeb"


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Two stories in one day? You know that we pulling up with that one today boys. This story is relatively short, only breaking 1000 words, however, this is what Jeb wanted for his story about his character Jennifer Lee Jebbinson, a girl from Eriadu (the same place Tarkin is from) and eventually joining his rank as a secretary. This story doesn't have nearly any combat, nor does it have much to really hook the reader in, it is just a way for Jeb to develop his character and flesh out what happened to her. This is all he wanted, and it was simple for me to do, there will be being done in the coming days, most likely will drop another tomorrow or on Sunday, or sometime next week.

This is the second story coming out of the Media Teams "Backstories for all" initiative, and this will not be the last one that gets done, I hope you all enjoy this thoroughly and are able to understand Jeb's character that much more now. All of your positive comments really inspire me to write more because it makes me feel as if you all genuinely enjoy reading what I write and produce for the Server to increase the RP within the community. As I say every time, I'm done with writing this filler, enjoy the story.

Jennifer Lee Jebbinson "Jeb"

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