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Renegades Introduction


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Hey there all, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Renegade, also known to some long time friends in the community as JDark47.

Anways, thought it would be just about time for me to introduce myself on the forums.

A bit about Renegade, you will find that he spends a lot of time in the bridge, maneuvering Star Destroyers like a boss (Not really just spamming up the comms for everyone <3)
Renegade is a Sub Lieutenant of the Imperial Navy, dedicating his whole life to the Empire, and sometimes yelling at Khan (Hyperion).

Sometimes you'll find Renegade at an information desk getting pissy at Rancor for jumping on, around, or in the booth, god damn Rancor.


Moving on from Renegade, Im a working man, you'll mostly find me on in the afternoons after work, Im a tradie so I work the 6am starts and early afternoon finishes, meaning plenty of time to play with everyone :))


Oh and you'll find I have the worst rolls.


Thanks everyone <3

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29 minutes ago, Relegator said:

Can confirm worst rolls

Acting Operative Kayto Wilds: Roll for your life Renegade

Sub-Lieutenant [FO] Renegade has rolled a 7/100.


Lmao I was so angry when that was happening,


1 hour ago, Delta said:

Shoe shines for you 

/me hands shoe polish

2 hours ago, Vanilla said:

greetings, I've never seen you before

Who r u

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On 11/19/2018 at 11:32 PM, Rad_Cop said:

Welcome to the forums and the real question is: Have you seen carswell roll? 

Don't believe I have, what am I missing?

If he is as bad at rolling as he is at chess I would assume he is trash.

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