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Temporarily Stepping Down.

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Hello, Mauler here.


I don't know how to write this.


I am stepping down. Temporarily (hopefully). I have a lot of shit on my plate atm irl and I don't have the time to Moderate the server currently. As most staff and any player who has been playing for at least the past 6 months, I have been becoming more and more inactive. Quite frankly, it started in March (this year) when I was Pilot Air Commodore and that was when my motivation for staffing the server started to stop. Fast Forward to today and with me getting my 2nd Job (both this one and my 1st job are Casual Employment [amounting to roughly 30+ hours per week working JUST casually]) and a part time Apprenticeship as a Plumber on the horizon, I don't have the time for the server. Also, when I do get home from work, I typically don't have the attitude and patience to staff the server professionally. 


This all being said, I hope to return before the end of year, if I sort out my current IRL life. I shall return and attempt to obtain my Staff position again (if you all will have me ;D).


Love all of you, Mauler.


P.S - I will not be mentioning anyone specifically for this post as I hope to return anyway but if it looks like I cannot return, I will make another post.

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17 hours ago, Shepard said:

See ya man, hope to see you come back. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

damn didnt see the joke :( Would you mind either putting it back in or pming me it? If I couldn’t handle a joke, I wouldn’t have been moderator 

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