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Kahn's TIER 1 Application


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Steam Details

Steam Name:  


Steam ID:  


Steam Profile link:  



In Game Details

In Game Name: 

[BN-02] Kahn

In Game Rank: 

Flight Captain

In Game Regiment:  

Imperial Starfighter Corps

Time Played: 



PAC3 Questions

Have you used PAC Before: 

Yes, but only in single-player and privately hosted servers.

Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

I have not received any warns or bans within my playtime in this server. I've spent a lot of time already trying to improve the community's server experience with my constant work in the designer team, therefore showing that I do not intend or plan on abusing this privilege. I also have dedicated a lot of time into the server in order to have become the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph):

Firstly, it would be a leap in learning opportunities as creating PACs in single-player can only go as far as forum posts or online tutorials. Being able to personally interact with others that are more experienced and talented with this feature is one of the best ways of fast learning. Secondly, it is a great way to improve RP experiences. It individualizes players from others in their regiment, giving a personal touch to their character and lore.

My goal for the use of PAC3 is to aid my regiment in becoming a visually diverse squadron of pilots, easily being able to showcase our differences in stature, personality traits as well as roles.

Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

I hope that my exampled PAC creations display some potential skill and growth. I'm also starting on creating personalized PACs for others within my regiment, in hopes that we can stand out as a unique and elite set of characters. My dedication and contribution to the server in any area possible shows that I would be responsible with PAC and once at a competent level with it, would be able to start giving back my know-how to others.


PAC3 Examples

My personal pilot:


When it's time to chill in Naboo:



Face-palm bind:



Typing animation:



Arms behind back animation:



Arms crossed animation:



My personal pilot #2:



Pilot commander:



Pilot officer:


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5 hours ago, Aera said:


Add more detail to the questions and maybe a few more pacs my dude.

Very nice pac's for the limited amount you have, however i agree that you probably should add more detail to the questions. I believe you do deserve pac. +1

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Great Guy, Does a lot for the Graphic Design Team
Dedicated Member of Imperial Gaming
PAC3 examples are nice and unique, They look very clean and natural.
Your application needs more detail in the questions, try and make them detailed paragraphs.

Overall, You are trustworthy and dedicated, your pac3 examples are quite good and neat, only thing you need to improve is the detail in each of the application questions, I hope this gets improves to further better your application.

Goodluck ;D
Cheers, Planz

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+1, I really like the PACs they show a good understanding of PAC3. They are also different which I love to see. The Application doesn't have a ton of detail but it gets to the point. Definitely trustworthy and mature, I don't have any doubts of you abusing the privilege. Best of Luck!

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