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The Media Team Presents - Backstories For All

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Hey guys, I'm here to announce a new project by the Media Team that we want to make a reality for all players on the server.

Backstories for free, for anybody that wants them. There, however, are a few rules in order to make it easier on us as a team to make the stories that you want to see written about your characters on the server that you've put your hard hours into working on and Roleplaying as. Now as I just said, there are some stipulations and requirements for me to write about your character.

You must play Imperial Gaming
You understand that all stories written are for Imperial Gaming and will not be copied or duplicated in any way.
You understand that being banned or community banned will have your backstory deleted with the only backup, held by the Media Team.
You will fill out the following Google Form - Backstory Request Form

The more effort you put into that form the more you'll get back from our team.
You understand that the Google Form is the only way to request a backstory from the Media Team, and will not pursue other avenues in order to get them written.


With the "terms and conditions" out of the way, I'd like to say a personal thank you to all of those within the community for their continued support of my writing, even though it is just a hobby and I don't plan to do it professionally, nor that I could. However, I thank you anyway because I enjoy writing and showing it to people.


I also want to note, that this doesn't mean the Media Team doesn't want you to write your own stories, that's absurd, but if anyone wants their stories written by the Media Teams in-house writer (Me) then they're welcome to fill out that form, as I said previously, the more effort you put into that Google Form, the more effort we'll put into your story, if you put little effort in, chances are the story won't be written or it won't have as much priority or effort put into it.

Thank you for reading, the Media Team are excited to push forward the Backstories that you all want and help you all enjoy your time on Imperial Gaming that much more.

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