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You may have noticed my names Sounded similar (Deltonic,Deltina Ect) 

Well thats becuase i have 200,000 clones one half male and the other half Female. which is pretty cool 

Krennic tried to clone me and then the clones broke out Fast forwarding... 

but what do the clones want?

  • they want to live among you
  • They want to Find Delta and be his best friend
  • They Also are Exist to be nice so be kind to them (I'm looking at certain people)

But what does that mean for you?

  • Some Clones are Rich and or powerful 
  • so you could get benefits (Money and or Recomendations for Regiments)
  • and you might make delta happy if you get the blood of a Evil Clone 

Known Clones

  1. Deltpactio (good,male, Sales person and a fighter for the empire)
  2. Deltina (Female, netrual, Street Queen and a Friendly person)
  3. Deltonic (bad, male, Known Rebel, alive)
  4. Deltrina (Female, bad, known Freedom Fighter, Drug dealer)
  5. Deltton (male, netrua, Doctor and Friendly)
  6. DeltLok (a wookie hybrid, unknown gender, good? depends on Event)
  7. Delina (Female, Ceo of Coochie INC, very powerful)
  8. Deltmaria ( is related to palaptine, female, has a child, Works in retail at space mart) 
  9. Deltmeg (test subject, Female, primitive creature, hates Stormtroopers officers, Is very kind) 
  10. finally (thank god)
  11. Deltspageto ( male, 7 galatic star Chef, Extremly rich, good guy)

Alright i hope yall Enjoyed reading this 

Just some awearness

lov you all! 



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3 minutes ago, Gregis said:

So surely you get @Bailey to write backstory for every single clone? Should keep him occupied for a little while ;)

Might throw in a backstory for the OG delta too, I mean krennic did clone him for a bit... so... OG backstory with a bunch of side stories?

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1 hour ago, Goliath said:

Net time on IG:

The server raids an illegal cloning facility and kills the remaining 199990 deltas.

That's my job not anyone else's 

1 hour ago, Brass said:

ISB creates a genetic virus tailored to the Delta clones. Killing all of them in just over 2 years.

If i ever get em I'll kill the clones 

2 hours ago, Gregis said:

So surely you get @Bailey to write backstory for every single clone? Should keep him occupied for a little while ;)

Again that's my job 

2 hours ago, Rivers said:

Deltpacito... Do I have to say anymore? :D


12 hours ago, Bailey said:

Deltpacito. I beg of you, why?

Still made me giggle a little.

Thanks I thought of it myself 

13 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:

Deltaiacus :) Good Work I like them.

I like that name thanks 

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