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"Come little things big things grow" This was from a paul kelly song that has summed up my time, I came on the server so shit i could not even make a regiment so i asked Frank and my name became St PVT Charles (Brig Guard) I racked up 2 days of play time always guarding the brig to make sure no-one entered. When i heard of Shock and riot i wanted to join cause it sounded cool to guard so when they had tryouts and i missed them I was pissed cause i lost my Guarding role and forced to be a normal ST. I went away on a trip to a new server and got skills so when i joined back i mad it into Naval Guard under aquis and Jimka also Kaye. @Jimka @MrKayeST Thanks for letting me join your great regiment. Then i saw Talon squad tryouts and i minged to be removed from NG and made it into Talon under the command of Commader Tyber Someone who i went though hardships with and broke to me one day he had Temanel Cancer witch was huge and then when i though he was sick he moved onto EG. So i followed with Tyber to join 442nd. Once i returned i joined DT once then went inactive DT a second time then ALD and transfered to ISB and when i delt with the death of a family member i went inactive to get Blacklisted from ISB witch was only lifted 1 month ago @Guskywalker Thanks man. After my ISB time i because a Member of the imperial Navy under Lachlan and Cody Once i left Navy due to a busy time in live i became Jack of ST's under regret and Corvo my name was SGT Jack and i had alot of fun till i joined ISB while blacklisted (was unaware) and got kicked out 3 days later to become a Gov Junior Clerk i was in there for a long time to serve under Lachlan @Lachlan Man we had the best of fun and i was like your personal Sec. I will always remeber PUG Duos lounge 1. After this time i moved on the the most Unstable regiment in the world RST but had great fun first under Maxine then Aphrodite and after that Theta. About this time i went on holidays and when i got back i looked at my EM application to see a big Accepted sign on it witch was great and i became a ST to be lonely. After trying i joined IC then SG when finaly become ISB while unblacklisted And my Schedule got busy and now i am hear. See you lads later will check the forums every now and then 



Yeah @Brass forgot to add I am so coming back. In the winter I have a timetable of Monday cricket Tuesday cricket training wendays cricket training Thursday a game and training Friday game Saturday game sunday I like to train with my family 

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