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How to Create a Pet with Animations without Tier 2 using PAC Tier 1

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Hi Everyone,

Lately, I've had many people asking me on how I made my pet in PAC using Tier One only. So instead of giving them the Pastebin, I thought I would just make a tutorial so people can individualize their own pets. Hope you enjoy and learn something.  Make sure to acknowledge the servers rules when it comes to pets. Only one per regiment.  Make sure when doing this that you also acknowledge other players on the server as a hefty pet with lots of models will lag other people.


Step 1:

The first thing you want to do is create a group and create a model under that group. Make sure to put that model under "invalidbone". Also, put an animation under that model 


Step 2:

The next thing you wanna do is find a suitable model for your pet. When finding a model for your pet I advise you use an animal under Half life 2, characters, Bad guys. When picking a monster from this section make sure that when you click on "sequence name" the model has an idle animation and a running animation. For this tutorial, I will use a head crab. 


Step 3:

Next step is that your gonna want to lower the alpha on the head crab model (or the model you are using) to barely visible. This will make the model process for the pet a lot easier. 


Step 4: 

For this step, you're going to want to make three groups under the head crab. "Idle", "Run" and "Walk". 


Step 5:

Then proceed to put an event under each of the groups. Then put an animation under each of the events you have just made. 


Step 6: 

Make each of the events you have just made into speed events. Make the idle event operator "Equal", and keep the speed on 0. Make the Run event Operator on "above" and set the speed to 50. Make the walk event operator "below" and set the speed to 50. 


Step 7:

Put under sequence name in the idle event your idle animation and invert the event until the headcrab is standing still. Put the running animation on the other two sequence names but for the rate for the running animation put it to -7.5 and for the rate for the walking animation put it to -5.


Ok, you're now done with the animations for your pet. The next steps are going to take the longest, modelling the pet. 

Step 8:

Make three new groups under the headcrab you just made. One called legs, the other called arms and the last one called torso. Ok now under the group you wish to start modelling your pet on start adding models to the different parts of the headcrab (putting the model under the bone you want to cover). Do this until you have covered the entire pet. Make sure to use the now barely visible crab as a way to see where you are putting the model. Once you are done reduce the alpha of the head crab to 0 and you are finished. 


Additional Features I added that make the pet more realistic:

Pet goes to back once using climbswep so it's not flying:

Step 1: 

Add an event to the group where your pet is. Make the group weapon class and put in the bottom next to find climb_swep2. 


Step 2:

Make an entirely new group and add the same event we just made to it but invert it so its a different colour to the event we just made. Clone the pet we made in the earlier steps and delete the animations and drag it to the new group we made this step. Then move the pet to your back. Done. 



The end. Thanks for reading this tutorial I hoped you learned something new. What I usually use my pet for is talking animations such as when I type a walking trooper is projected from the pet or when I bring out my E-11 an E-11 is projected from my pet. Well I hoped you liked this post I hope to see what you guys can make. If you are stuck or have any better suggestions message me ingame or tell me below. Thanks. 






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