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Pendragons Introduction

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So yeah, I have been on the server for a good week of playtime, but I just thought an intro would do some good.


Hi, I'm Pendragon, some of you might already know me, if not welp... that's a fat RIP. Originally my RP name came from when I just watched the King Arthur legend of the sword movie (if you have not seen it then you should... its really good). I do come up with some ideas from time to time... not all of them good but hey, you live and learn (see the assassin troopers thing, crimson dawn reg and pretty much all of my ideas) and I want to help the server. And yes... before you put it in the comments I am still sad over NOVA... :'(


So yeah, My first formal-ish intro... Milestone achieved!


EDIT: can someone tell me how the hell to do the signature thingy? thx

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