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Yes I'm leaving.

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So, I'm sure a lot of you will be happy to know I wlll be leaving IG. I'm just going to say that and not go into why but I'd like to thank @Basil (bazzy boy) for always being nice and weird. I'd like to thank Iris, who I sadly cant tag because I dont think he has an account? @Brass for always being kidn and amazing (I'm sure you an get though the thing mate :D). @Helsing For just being really kind and always niceeeeeeeeeeee. @Carnifex awww You're just brilliant forever will remember you! @Anthony For always cleaning the corridors. @Ana For just being an absolute amazing human being! @Wind Wind I have no words you are just fantastic and I will miss you just guarding the temple with me and whatever regiment my reg hopping as was in. @Wolf For being my friend but not being my friend even though we have our difference in our opinions. @Crunchy Crunchy, where do I begin? You are just such a lovable person you are just the peak human. @Born For just annoying the hell out of me in a good way :D. @Bailey For just being great in general. @zaspan AWWW YOURE JUST ZAZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. @Flipps For all the memoirs of Pking me. @Ridge Forever will I liek you ridge Youre are fantastic! @Tonberry You were an amazing Help in ISB and will always be in my heart. @Pablo aw I remember when we trapped the ST and mouse droid in the lockers and let them slowly die, what fun! - I'll miss you!. @KosmosAWWW KOSMOS YOU ARE SUCH A GGGGGGGGGGG! @Aphrodite I'll miss yoU! @Wimlay Fun times w had :). @Eclipse I'll miss you from Sock. @Rook Ill miss you little maruder man! 

If I didn't mention you I'm sorry I probabl forgot to mention you I'm just doin this quickly. Right bye all :D


Also any grammar mistakes Im sorry im just bad


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1 hour ago, Shepard said:

Good luck with the future. 'Major General Ashley'

Just so you know I don’t llay on that server and even though you at a bit weird is still like you Shepard although who are you on that server xd

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No Ashley nooooooooo. You can't leave me! 


In all seriousness, I wish you all the best in life, and I hope you are ok! The shoutout almost brought a tear to my eye. I will miss our random conversations when we came across each other


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