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My time on IG has currently come to an end

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So my time on the sever has come to an end for the time being due to work (night shifts) and family problems i came on the server on april 2018 (been on and off before then) after a company i work for fired me due to no work ive had many fun times on the server and made alot of friends on it including my partner but there will always be memories from the server that will stick with me times like wolf one punching me any time i looked at him, using a flamethrower to light up some of the devils lettuce with (palpameme Iris at the time) and sneeking into pilots bunks to steal all there gear from their lockers but the best memories will come from everyone that i met on the server @Wingza @S4Spooky @Wolf @Jman1308 @Brass sorry if i missed anyone theres just so many of you guys gals or what ever gender u want to be youll see me on the server but rearly ill miss you all Goodbye.

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