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Nice Addons! Including models and maps.

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Not much to say ill just throw these out there:

More Rebels models including current ones: 


Two Revan looking models both Dark and Light, could be useful (Wasnt too sure bout these ones):


Harrower Class Dreadnoght, looks like a nice map but i have no clue on its lore: 


Star Wars Rogue One music line: 


Another map:



Not going to lie i dont know if these have been thought off i just saw them and thought they would be good for the server. Hope i helped :)



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The one more map is a save not a map

The rebel models are a good idea but there are better ones out there

Music line is good but is it worth the 161 MB?

and the Ship there is not point of it TBH and a waste of space

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1 hour ago, Ralla said:

Do we already have this map? If not can we consider this and use it in the future:


That Death Star map is really small and not good enough to run events on it. I think that the higher ups were going to get a Death Star map made.

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