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During my final exams in high school, I did this

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Drawing these stormtroopers in hopes I get into a top creative media and arts academy. Anyway say hello to commander Kryosis. Also disclamer I have sent these to where people think these drawings go so I hope I get some feedback from the company I'm copyrighting from. And for anyone that would like to know anything about him, note I've got a backstory, regiment name, requirments in getting in his regiment, specialising in various fields and who his rival is in IHC. So if you want to know about the guy please come message me or I'll put a post up about him and disscusing him. More art will be coming on the way if requested.909614284_Photoon12-11-2018at5_09am.thumb.jpg.06a76b3e68c2652815dd472cecd4994b.jpg1358750926_Photoon12-11-2018at5_08am.thumb.jpg.79e8234533c772ac71e5eba3a2695a02.jpg

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Maybe it’s just because I’m tired as fuck and I’m reading this on a phone, but that Stormtrooper looks like he’s wearing Jedi robes in that second pic.

Nonetheless, some people will call that nerdy, I reckon it’s cool, good luck with getting into your art school as well mate.

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First of all thanks everyone for awesome feed back, honestly I can't wait to hope back into IG

Second, the name of this commander is Kyonis Leader of COLD Company 

Thirdly, remake of a clone trooper of Commander Keller into a stormtrooper (his outfit looks awesome :))

Fourthly, planning the designs for an g-mod 3D model to be put into addons

Fifth, apparently I got a reply to my design from the makers of the canon version of galactic civil war I'll find out what he said soon 

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