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More Backstory

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How Delta became shore

Its not as good as baileys storys but its something 



Any questions ask down below, Critisisms and things to improve on please comment down below 


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I'm sorry but everything about that is beautiful. I mean, you have Anthony as Janitor CO, you have a potted cactus, Deltra as your sister - amazing name-. Just formidable the whole 5'11 thing xd. Although you do have a few spelling errors and grammar mistakes but I mean who doesn't I'm terrible for it but that' dyslexia for you. Very well thought out and well structured piece, I love it <3

darth maul awsome gif.gif

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I really like the story attempt, it was a good read and I'm glad to see others writing about their backstories. The only things I'd give you criticisms on are, rather than doing *It was an early morning*, as a story-teller you can write something like "It was an early morning on Aldeeran, I could see the perspiration about the air, a cold night about to turn in to a warm day. I loved days like these, they were so different." It allows you to explain that its a certain time, date, and even planet in a lot of cases, as well as introducing your character's first thoughts.

Very well done, keep it up.

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2 hours ago, Crunchy said:

Smh no mention of epicezales and my relationship together smh (even tho we broke up I cri)


jk aha ignore that but well done tho can’t wait to see more

My boi 

That is coming relax

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2 minutes ago, Brass said:

Seems like everybody is making a huge backstory now-a-days :/

Anyways, nice story :)

It’s sort of just me writing them for others, nah but, people like backstories because it flashes out their character a bit.

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