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I’m liking the looks of these ones so far, but I’m unsure how they’re going to look against the dark background of the forums.

I also think it would be nice to see maybe a line cut across them diagonally, making one side a shade darker, just to give it that small design.

Maybe I’ll change my mind, just woke up. Great work though, you’re really helping the community.

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3 hours ago, Goliath said:

Missing senior event master.

As well as the Senior Administrator, Senior Moderator, Senior Developer, Junior Developer, Support Team and Banned tags, but I assume these are missing as it is an example showcase and not a full repertoire of what is to be included.

While we're at it, it would be good to add tags for the Media Team, as the Developers and Support Team have their own tags and none of them them are staff related.

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10 hours ago, Anthony said:

Tbh, I gotta say -1

Your other work is great no doubt but these new ones seems so bland and 'cheap' as opposed to our current ones which have some depth and more originality to it.

Yeah, sorry Kahn as Anthony says, literally all your other work is beautiful and amazing but these ones just don't look correct yknow? (just what Anthony said)

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