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Dungeons & Dragons (Final)

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Sorry for the delay in this post but i had some pretty big issues pop up IRL that affected the time i could dedicate to IG, but with that sorted i know present to you a discord (Where we will be talking) & a time for when i run the games. Unfortunately with 15 applicants only a few could get in and these where the people who fitted best to the allocated time frames/days. Although with saying that, if the games prove to be a success i might consider making a second group for all who would still be interested. We will be starting character creation this Saturday in the time stated below, along with a basic introduction and discussion (Depending on which format is chosen). Feel free to join if you haven't been selected because you might have a chance to join future games if this succeeds.  But none the less here we have it.

Ps. Make an account on roll 20 if you are playing (https://roll20.net/)

The Time

Saturdays once or twice a fortnight between 3pm - 7pm (AEDT)

The Candidates 

(First in first served FYI) 

@Brass, @Jalex, @Shepherd, @Relegator, @Cecil, @Jay Lamar Or @JayLamar (Dont know which account you are using) and last of all @Bailey.

Discord: https://discord.gg/bcakzQ


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2 hours ago, bosterflaming said:

Oof I miss out as well


2 hours ago, Snow said:

Dang it I missed out ;( 

If there is a 2nd game will it be on Sunday?

As i said i will make a 2nd game if the current one succeeds, and you can fill in for people if they leave


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