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Giving Regiments Stat Different Stat Boosts

Should this happen (read the doc before answer)  

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  1. 1. Should this happen (read the doc before answer)

    • Yeah it should
    • Nah it sounds overpowered

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9 hours ago, Adam said:

Ok let’s look at what has been stated whilst I was in command of 212th I had requested such things like a possibility of different weapons and subregiments which were both denied.

That's happened to me more than once. You will come across this a lot when you are running 212th it can be a real pain. I tried to get 212th Air-Bourne and pajai squadron to be added as a sub-regiment will the results are obvious. I also asked for a new weapon and we got a new weapon then it got heavily nerfed and then removed from the regiment. It definitely pissed me off because we waited 3 months for a new weapon to be added because at the time Vader's fist were getting lots of new weapons and we were getting a little pissed because we weren't getting any of that action. We got a 25 hp buff though… Yay... Vader's fist at the time got 75 hp buff... yay... So people joined them more and more.

9 hours ago, Adam said:

Power cheap does not lead to further power creep with proper management (which IG has) a valid point to argue is regiments that are striving don’t need anything to improve there regiment as it clearly has something to have a constant flow of users coming and going, and to mention SCHEFF’s point I’ll make mention to DT and Chimera, regiments with very op load outs and a lot of health and yet everyone is fine with this?

I do somewhat agree to this statement, some regiments are OP but are not allowed to really fully use their OP'ness on the battle field because they have other duties to attend too. For example Chimaera have to guard the Grand Admiral and other Navy, DT have to also guard the Director and other ISB agents. I do agree that sometimes these regiments do go on the battle field and absolutely DESTROY the enemy with their OP weapons but this happens rarely because that is not the duty of the regiment. 212th's soul duty is to Attack on the frontline if we gave them OP weapons the events would go a whole lot quicker. I mean the damage amplifiers are a bit much but more/ different weapons and maybe a health buff may make 212th look more attractive to players.  

9 hours ago, Adam said:

I personally believe there is no valid rebuttal to why this isn’t something that should be considered and as of right now there are atleast 22 other people that agree with me

I agree to this part. If we were to start a petition it would have already been passed, but we don't do petitions on this server or Community.

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