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Bailey's Staff Report

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4 minutes ago, Knight said:

Thank you for the apology, and you may have had just reason to believe I was being a little mingy, As stated by a lot of people, I feel removal and demotion is too extreme, from what I can see this is a first time offence and a staff warn should be quite enough.

@Flipps Will do haha.

Fair enough mate, sorry again. If you want to speak about this in private I'd gladly speak to you and hash out any problems you may have with me over Teamspeak, Private Messages on the forums or ingame. As well as Discord if need be.

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Yeah, ok.

2 hours ago, Bailey said:

I assumed this guy was a minge

Sorry to point this out, but you are an event master not a moderator, if you are TPing to minges whilst mods are on that is also an abuse of your powers, correct me if I am wrong.

As well as a blatant abuse of powers, isn't this also metagaming? Using out of RP knowledge to influence roleplay is my definition, correct me if I am wrong.

Basically you screwed up, and unfortunately Knight had a recording software. I do believe you should receive a punishment, but although my opinion is strong, I would rather leave it to management because they have the last decision.

It really is a disgusting use of your powers, and using the excuse 'I was having a rough night' doesn't really cut it.

If you are tempted to use your powers inappropriately in your current role on the server leave it, or leave staff, easy as that.

Good luck with this 

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4 hours ago, Basil said:


My comment is most likely affected by bias as me and bailey are good friends, but whilst i cant deny the evidence i don't believe he should be removed from the EM team or demoted. I believe a staff warn would be far more suitable in this situation, and based of other punishments i have seen on the server people have gotten away with a lot worst with just a warn themselves. Loosing bailey from the EM team would be a grievous mistake in my opinion as the events he creates are of a high quality. 


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Alright after thinking about it I believe that a suitable punishment would probably be a staff warn/probation period. 

My reasoning behind this is that while he did abuse his staff powers a demotion would be a lot for a small incident. Other staff have only been demoted for things a lot worse than what he has done. Another reason is because he has immediately accepted the fault and not come up with any excuses. I know Bailey is one great person and this would most likely be a one off instance, And like how Basil mention others have done a lot worse and gotten of with a staff warn.

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