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Free Destiny 2 Copies

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So if you are interested in Destiny 2 then its great to be you, Right now you can head over to Battle.net and login or create an account and then redeem a free copy [*This offer ends 18th of November*] of the game in the Gifts section.
This is just the base game but for the low price of $55 AUD you can get the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion.

Obviously the base game is free which is great but with the forsaken expansion you get access to a years worth of DLC and content that can keep you busy for months.

The game has a really good element to it and its also got a large amount of content to keep you busy with, Many exotic quests and hidden missions aswell as Raids that feature unique puzzles and challenging encounters.
And its always nice to see people you know whilst roaming around the game.

Also they added Titles to the game and if you complete a bunch of triumphs some can be pretty damn challenging you get a cool title under your name ingame which is nice to strive for

Anyway just thought I would let everyone know since its free.

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46 minutes ago, Snow said:

Someone already made a post on it kind sir


you sure?

also, we should do a destiny game night

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Done and downloaded... Thanks for the heads up but someone I believe beat you to the glory of being the first one to post this. - Wombatiacus

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