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Max's Event Master Application

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-Max is a old member of the community, with this he has seen and played through a lot of events, giving him a lot of experience with what events are like and i am sure with some events he has been in he has thought of ways he could improve them and has most likely kept those Ideas in mind and would be able to apply them if he were given the chance to show his skill as an EM.
-When looking through his event ideas they may look a little basic, but in the end they look like they have a lot of content in them and would be easy to follow and be able to provide a lot of fun for all people involved in the events.

-Another thing which made amazed was the effort that was put into his application showing that he is very serious and really trying to get the EM spot.
-From being under his command and having him under mine i have been able to really see the potential and creativity that he shows and the amazing possibilities for an EM.
-For all of these reasons above i will be leaving Max with a.......

HUGE +1!

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