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♜ Rook's EM Application ♜


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Steam Name: [IG] Rook

Age: 19

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:44722715

In Game Name and Rank: Crusader [SW] Rook

Time Played (Server Time): 2 weeks image.png.7c448ab4a572c9e02b9fb51c00ed4192.png

Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): No.

Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): No.

Why are you applying to be an event master:
I was part of the Imperial Navy for my first week on the server, and during this time I was amazed at the sheer volume of RP on offer for members of this regiment. It was absolutely delightful to be a part of, and although I've created my own RP where I could since then, I've never been able to achieve that level of immersion since. After much thought, I was able to narrow down exactly what it was. Naval members carry an immense amount of responsibilityTheir duties, or more specifically, what everybody on the server expects of them involves so much; piloting the SD, bookings, logistics, granting take-offs and landings, reporting on tryouts and trainings, operating hangars...

Why this is relevant, is early in my time on the server I had an encounter with a PassiveRP event run by Helsing, after he asked people for ideas on what they wanted to do. I messaged him with an incredibly coherent "idk man, maybe I could like walk around and find contraband or some shit?". I was appointed as a high ranking Imperial Engineer, and sent to the SD with news that there was word of an underground weapons and munitions market operating on-board the ship. It was simple and early in the morning, however it was incredibly fun, and all those involved seemed to enjoy the newfound drive and responsibility given to them. From that point on, I wanted to be able to create that feeling of enjoyment that comes from role-play for other players, and while I know what people find enjoyment from varies from person to person, much of it is based in that concept of assigning responsibility.

I also have a secondary, yet similar motive to improve the RP opportunities for less RP intensive regiments. As a Sith, for example, I constantly find myself living from promotion to promotion, struggling to find a purpose outside of weekly tournaments. Consistently, the response to this is to "make your own RP", and applying for EM is the definition of taking that to the extreme. While I'm not yet certain on many of the ways I will achieve this goal, I wish to create many individual events, with the aim of assigning responsibility to a diverse range of regiments in their respective missions. Doing so gives a large number of players more opportunity to feel "needed" and enjoy the effort they put into their RP.

What can you bring to the event master team:
I believe my main asset that I can bring to the team is, albeit not an original claim for an EM application, my creativity. I spend most of my time in my "real life" on stage or in front of a camera, and I believe my passion and experience in acting gives me a leading edge in my ability to respond with quick improvisation, or a creative diversion. The ability to respond to 'bids' or 'offers' is what makes fantastic RP, ensuring that people's creativity and innovation is rewarded, and not shut down. I can also of course bring a friendly and agreeable persona, which I hope many can attest to!

What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative:
As mentioned briefly before, I wish to individually assign responsibility through my events to a diverse range of groups across the server. Whether this is achieved through server-wide events that require the specific tool set of a certain regiment (such as the cloaking capabilities of SW/SG, or the breach and seige expertise of the 442nd), or the occasional small scale event centred around the diplomatic skills of the Regional Government, or force abilities of the Sith.

I also wish to, within reason, strike a balance between large and small scale events. Specifically, I want to see more events that run at a micro level, with (on occasion) some players unaware that an event is even in progress, while another certain group of people have been assigned responsibility, and tasks to complete. Of course this would not be my sole focus, however the range of what people enjoy is very large, and repeatedly catering specifically to individual wants can sometimes be more effective than trying to make everybody enjoy themselves in a single event.

Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands:
Yes. I have spent some time messing around with them in single player, and reading about it online in preparation for this application. Although I have never used them in context, I am confident in my ability to learn quickly during my training.

Anything else you would like to add:
I'm very open to any feedback given. Thank you for your time! :)

Event Idea 1:


Championship Boxers

 - Type: Aggressive; Comical
 - Location: Any open hangar

Part 1 - Registration
Preparation: Five event characters are required. The major general is there to ensure ease of access. 

  • 1 x Announcer: "Announcer Carl"
    • Bold personality, loud, salesman like. He's a TV show host!
  • 1 x Major General: "Major General Kreaa"
  • 1 x Bored Scribe: "Bored Scribe [NAME]"
  • 2 x Film Crew: "Camera Man [NAME]" and "Mic Operator [NAME]"

Character Details (Models, HP etc): Google Document

Context: Carl is somewhat of a well known celebrity among Imperial troopers. He runs a boxing show many of them watch during their spare time, and word has reached the ISD/Battlestation that he's coming in search of the next boxing superstar!

Event: Carl and his crew send hype early with communications to the ship/station. "We'll be arriving soon, folks! Make sure you're waiting in Main Hanger 1 for us! We're on the hunt for the NEXT BOXING SUPERSTAR, and it might just be you!"
Carl and his crew land a few minutes later with the correct landing code, and bring out an ornate sign up desk, and large sign that reads "BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP SIGNUPS NOW OPEN!"
Major general Kreaa greets them, a huge fan, and assists in the advertising of the championship. It is made very clear that participation is not only allowed, but encouraged, however it is optional.
Troopers sign up for the championship, and are reminded to be present at the hangar upon commencement. Names are recorded for ease.

This section is ensured to run quickly, on a first in best dressed basis. We can't accommodate a huge amount of signups.

Carl: Running the whole thing! Taking names, generating hype, talking to troopers in line, sharing his BEST BOXING STORIES! Very comical character, strong RPer required.
Bored Scribe: Takes the names of the troopers signing up for the boxing. He has been with Carl for years, and always wanted to be more than just the scribe, but that's always been his only job. Should act bored, and share his sop story of how he never gets to participate, but his main goal is to keep a list of every trooper that wishes to participate.
Film Crew: Constantly running around, asking people in line to pose, taking interviews. Can roam the ship to generate hype.

Part 2 - Championship!
Preparation: Boxing ring is created in the hangar, names on the list are fully compiled, and five more event characters are taken midway through this part.

  • 1 x Big Boss Benson
    • Multi-championship winning boxer. PAC is preferred, as they can scale themselves up.
  • 4 x Cronies
    • Benson's fan club.

Context: Big Boss Benson has received word of the championship, and decides to crash the party!

Event: Carl starts the show! All troopers signed up are called back to the hangar, and lined up on the side. Carl begins his act, and the film crew encircle him avidly. He calls the first contestant! This is a name he is fed by me, and he should make up something short and snappy as their intro. He calls the second contestant! Another name, fed by me, who I can see is present. Both troopers are given fists, have their hp set, and explained the rules. They then fight, and on each "death", Carl exclaims loudly about the "KNOCKOUT". As troopers are participating in character, we can't have any deaths on our hands.

The championship continues for ~15 minutes. Winner stays on is easiest, however championship format is possible.

Big Boss Benson suddenly sends in a communication that he heard about the championship, and is coming to claim his title. Major General Kreaa grants him landing access as he is a major boxing fan, but appoints guards to ensure he and his cronies don't leave the hangar. Carl spreads the word of Big Boss Benson, and ensures everybody knows of his Boxing prowess. Benson enters the arena and calls for challengers, and troopers may face him.

Benson may call for 1v1s, 2v1s or any other combination he wishes, and can also enlist the help of his cronies in fights in "bad sportsmanship". This is all left up to the players.

Big Boss Benson: Typical school yard bully character, heckler, big boy. He has his HP consistently set higher than the troopers each fight, but not too much higher.
Cronies: Typical bully cronies, can RP comically, spit on troopers etc, give Benson moral support and heckle anyone they wish.

Ending 1: Benson is knocked out in one of the fights, and his cronies get back in the ship and take off. The victor is crowned Boxing Champion, advertised, and Carl leaves with his crew, promising to tell tales of the troopers skill!

Ending 2: Benson proves undefeatable in a sufficient amount of time to call an end to the event. Carl ends the show, Benson gets bragging rights, and all ECs take off in their respective ships.


Event Idea 2:


Really, Really Bad Engineers

 - Type: Passive, Infiltration. Leading to aggressive encounter, likely executions.
 - Location: ISD

Preparation: Five event characters are required. A high ranking Navy official is informed that there will be engineers arriving soon to update ISD software.

  • 5 x Imperial Technicians (of varying ranks)

Character Details (Models, HP etc): Google Document

Context: Five imperial technicians have gone rogue, and are boarding the ISD with the intent of causing major malfunctions, havoc, and possibly stealing valuable information while they're at it.

Event: The technicians communicate that they wish to land on the ISD (with proper identification, as they are simply rogue), claiming to be from Coruscant, sent to update the ISD with the newest shield operations system and other vital system upgrades. If asked why this is happening mid-flight, they can respond with answers such as "it has no effect on current piloting controls or operations, and no systems need to be shut down to complete the update".

The engineers set about their business, asking for access to certain key areas and consoles. Everything seems to be going smoothly, however Ecomms are revealed after 10-15 minutes that they are gradually shutting down small aspects of the ship. This can be left to the players to RP, and can vary in intensity, but some ideas include:

  • Main hangar blast door lock
  • Life support systems
  • Communications array
  • Lights
  • Ship lockdown sequence override (after detection)

Navy, or other affected regiments should cotton on in time, and respond accordingly. Engineers can be hunted down and handed to the appropriate officials, and their fate decided by anyone of power. ISD Engineers will be required to fix the malfunctions, Naval officers for RP, enforcers to hunt them down and capture/kill them etc. This event has large room for variation, but most foreseen directions still end with the engineers being executed. 


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9 hours ago, Brass said:


Rook would make a great addition to the Event Master team.

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Good luck.

+1 Most unique and original EM Application i've seen so far. I think the server will benefit greatly if Rook was part of the Event master team.  

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For the time I've known rook he's always tried to make his own RP and encouraged other to make their own RP as well.  He has also been extremely mature, responsible and active.
I believe he would make a great EM.


Best of luck - Shepard

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10 hours ago, Brass said:


Rook would make a great addition to the Event Master team.

  • Active
  • Mature
  • Respected

Good luck.

This is a very good application and as proved by the character you have shown in-game, I believe you'd make a great EM and benefit the server in being so.


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